PageSavingArgs Class

Provides data for the PageSaving(PageSavingArgs) event.

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Namespace:  Aspose.Words.Saving
Assembly:  Aspose.Words (in Aspose.Words.dll) Version: 21.5.0


public class PageSavingArgs

The PageSavingArgs type exposes the following members.


Public methodPageSavingArgs
Initializes a new instance of the PageSavingArgs class


Public propertyCode exampleKeepPageStreamOpen
Specifies whether Aspose.Words should keep the stream open or close it after saving a document page.
Public propertyCode examplePageFileName
Gets or sets the file name where the document page will be saved to.
Public propertyCode examplePageIndex
Current page index.
Public propertyCode examplePageStream
Allows to specify the stream where the document page will be saved to.


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Shows how to use a callback to save a document to HTML page by page.
public void PageFileNames()
    Document doc = new Document();
    DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

    builder.Writeln("Page 1.");
    builder.Writeln("Page 2.");
    builder.InsertImage(ImageDir + "Logo.jpg");
    builder.Writeln("Page 3.");

    // Create an "HtmlFixedSaveOptions" object, which we can pass to the document's "Save" method
    // to modify how we convert the document to HTML.
    HtmlFixedSaveOptions htmlFixedSaveOptions = new HtmlFixedSaveOptions();

    // We will save each page in this document to a separate HTML file in the local file system.
    // Set a callback that allows us to name each output HTML document.
    htmlFixedSaveOptions.PageSavingCallback = new CustomFileNamePageSavingCallback();

    doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "SavingCallback.PageFileNames.html", htmlFixedSaveOptions);

    string[] filePaths = Directory.GetFiles(ArtifactsDir).Where(
        s => s.StartsWith(ArtifactsDir + "SavingCallback.PageFileNames.Page_")).OrderBy(s => s).ToArray();

    Assert.AreEqual(3, filePaths.Length);

/// <summary>
/// Saves all pages to a file and directory specified within.
/// </summary>
private class CustomFileNamePageSavingCallback : IPageSavingCallback
    public void PageSaving(PageSavingArgs args)
        string outFileName = $"{ArtifactsDir}SavingCallback.PageFileNames.Page_{args.PageIndex}.html";

        // Below are two ways of specifying where Aspose.Words will save each page of the document.
        // 1 -  Set a filename for the output page file:
        args.PageFileName = outFileName;

        // 2 -  Create a custom stream for the output page file:
        args.PageStream = new FileStream(outFileName, FileMode.Create);


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