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HtmlMetafileFormat Enumeration

Indicates the format in which metafiles are saved to HTML documents.

Namespace:  Aspose.Words.Saving
Assembly:  Aspose.Words (in Aspose.Words.dll) Version: 21.5.0


public enum HtmlMetafileFormat


  Member nameValueDescription
Png0 Metafiles are rendered to raster PNG images.
Svg1 Metafiles are converted to vector SVG images.
EmfOrWmf2 Metafiles are saved as is, without conversion.


Shows how to convert SVG objects to a different format when saving HTML documents.
string html = 
        <svg xmlns='' width='500' height='40' viewBox='0 0 500 40'>
            <text x='0' y='35' font-family='Verdana' font-size='35'>Hello world!</text>

Document doc = new Document(new MemoryStream(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(html)));

// This document contains a <svg> element in the form of text.
// When we save the document to HTML, we can pass a SaveOptions object
// to determine how the saving operation handles this object.
// Setting the "MetafileFormat" property to "HtmlMetafileFormat.Png" to convert it to a PNG image.
// Setting the "MetafileFormat" property to "HtmlMetafileFormat.Svg" preserve it as a SVG object.
// Setting the "MetafileFormat" property to "HtmlMetafileFormat.EmfOrWmf" to convert it to a metafile.
HtmlSaveOptions options = new HtmlSaveOptions { MetafileFormat = htmlMetafileFormat };

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "HtmlSaveOptions.MetafileFormat.html", options);

string outDocContents = File.ReadAllText(ArtifactsDir + "HtmlSaveOptions.MetafileFormat.html");

switch (htmlMetafileFormat)
    case HtmlMetafileFormat.Png:
            "<p style=\"margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt\">" +
                "<img src=\"HtmlSaveOptions.MetafileFormat.001.png\" width=\"500\" height=\"40\" alt=\"\" " +
                "style=\"-aw-left-pos:0pt; -aw-rel-hpos:column; -aw-rel-vpos:paragraph; -aw-top-pos:0pt; -aw-wrap-type:inline\" />" +
    case HtmlMetafileFormat.Svg:
            "<span style=\"-aw-left-pos:0pt; -aw-rel-hpos:column; -aw-rel-vpos:paragraph; -aw-top-pos:0pt; -aw-wrap-type:inline\">" +
            "<svg xmlns=\"\" xmlns:xlink=\"\" version=\"1.1\" width=\"499\" height=\"40\">"));
    case HtmlMetafileFormat.EmfOrWmf:
            "<p style=\"margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt\">" +
                "<img src=\"HtmlSaveOptions.MetafileFormat.001.emf\" width=\"500\" height=\"40\" alt=\"\" " +
                "style=\"-aw-left-pos:0pt; -aw-rel-hpos:column; -aw-rel-vpos:paragraph; -aw-top-pos:0pt; -aw-wrap-type:inline\" />" +

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