PageInfoGetSpecifiedPrinterPaperSource Method

Gets the PaperSource object suitable for printing the page represented by this PageInfo.

Namespace:  Aspose.Words.Rendering
Assembly:  Aspose.Words (in Aspose.Words.dll) Version: 21.3.0


public PaperSource GetSpecifiedPrinterPaperSource(
	PrinterSettingsPaperSourceCollection paperSources,
	PaperSource defaultPageSettingsPaperSource


Type: System.Drawing.PrintingPrinterSettingsPaperSourceCollection
Available paper sources.
Type: System.Drawing.PrintingPaperSource
Paper source defined in default printer settings.

Return Value

Type: PaperSource
An object that you can use in the .NET printing framework to specify the paper source.


This method requires .NET Framework 2.0 or later.


Shows how to print page size and orientation information for every page in a Word document.
Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "Rendering.docx");

// The first section has 2 pages. We will assign a different printer paper tray to each one,
// whose number will match a kind of paper source. These sources and their Kinds will vary
// depending on the installed printer driver.
PrinterSettings.PaperSourceCollection paperSources = new PrinterSettings().PaperSources;

doc.FirstSection.PageSetup.FirstPageTray = paperSources[0].RawKind;
doc.FirstSection.PageSetup.OtherPagesTray = paperSources[1].RawKind;

Console.WriteLine("Document \"{0}\" contains {1} pages.", doc.OriginalFileName, doc.PageCount);

float scale = 1.0f;
float dpi = 96;

for (int i = 0; i < doc.PageCount; i++)
    // Each page has a PageInfo object, whose index is the respective page's number.
    PageInfo pageInfo = doc.GetPageInfo(i);

    // Print the page's orientation and dimensions.
    Console.WriteLine($"Page {i + 1}:");
    Console.WriteLine($"\tOrientation:\t{(pageInfo.Landscape ? "Landscape" : "Portrait")}");
    Console.WriteLine($"\tPaper size:\t\t{pageInfo.PaperSize} ({pageInfo.WidthInPoints:F0}x{pageInfo.HeightInPoints:F0}pt)");
    Console.WriteLine($"\tSize in points:\t{pageInfo.SizeInPoints}");
    Console.WriteLine($"\tSize in pixels:\t{pageInfo.GetSizeInPixels(1.0f, 96)} at {scale * 100}% scale, {dpi} dpi");

    // Print the source tray information.
    PaperSource source = pageInfo.GetSpecifiedPrinterPaperSource(paperSources, paperSources[0]);
    Console.WriteLine($"\tSuitable print source:\t{source.SourceName}, kind: {source.Kind}");

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