Aspose.Words.Layout Namespace

The Aspose.Words.Layout namespace provides classes that allow to access information such as on what page and where on a page particular document elements are positioned, when the document is formatted into pages.


Public classCode exampleLayoutCollector

This class allows to compute page numbers of document nodes.

Public classCode exampleLayoutEnumerator
Enumerates page layout entities of a document. You can use this class to walk over the page layout model. Available properties are type, geometry, text and page index where entity is rendered, as well as overall structure and relationships. Use combination of GetEntity(Node) and Current move to the entity which corresponds to a document node.
Public classCode exampleLayoutOptions
Holds the options that allow controlling the document layout process.
Public classPageLayoutCallbackArgs
An argument passed into Notify(PageLayoutCallbackArgs)
Public classCode exampleRevisionOptions
Allows to control how document revisions are handled during layout process.


Public interfaceCode exampleIPageLayoutCallback
Implement this interface if you want to have your own custom method called during build and rendering of page layout model.


Public enumerationCommentDisplayMode
Specifies the rendering mode for document comments.
Public enumerationCode exampleLayoutEntityType
Types of the layout entities.
Public enumerationCode examplePageLayoutEvent
A code of event raised during page layout model build and rendering.

Page layout model is built in two steps. First, "conversion step", this is when page layout pulls document content and creates object graph. Second, "reflow step", this is when structures are split, merged and arranged into pages.

Depending of the operation which triggered build, page layout model may or may not be further rendered into fixed page format. For example, computing number of pages in the document or updating fields does not require rendering, whereas export to Pdf does.

Public enumerationCode exampleRevisionColor
Allows to specify color of document revisions.
Public enumerationCode exampleRevisionTextEffect
Allows to specify decoration effect for revisions of document text.
Public enumerationCode exampleShowInBalloons
Specifies which revisions are rendered in balloons.