ChartAxisAxisBetweenCategories Property

Gets or sets a flag indicating whether the value axis crosses the category axis between categories.

Namespace:  Aspose.Words.Drawing.Charts
Assembly:  Aspose.Words (in Aspose.Words.dll) Version: 20.8.0


public bool AxisBetweenCategories { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Boolean


The property has effect only for value axes. It is not supported by MS Office 2016 new charts.


Shows how to get a graph axis to cross at a custom location.
Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// Insert a column chart, which is populated by default values
Shape shape = builder.InsertChart(ChartType.Column, 450, 250);
Chart chart = shape.Chart;

// Get the Y-axis to cross at a value of 3.0, making 3.0 the new Y-zero of our column chart
// This effectively means that all the columns with Y-values about 3.0 will be above the Y-centre and point up,
// while ones below 3.0 will point down
ChartAxis axis = chart.AxisX;
axis.AxisBetweenCategories = true;
axis.Crosses = AxisCrosses.Custom;
axis.CrossesAt = 3.0;

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Charts.AxisCross.docx");

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