Class RevisionType

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.aspose.words.RevisionType
public class RevisionType 
extends java.lang.Object

Utility class containing constants. Specifies the type of change being tracked in Revision.


Shows how to check if a document has revisions.
Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// Normal editing of the document does not count as a revision
builder.write("This does not count as a revision. ");

// In order for our edits to count as revisions, we need to declare an author and start tracking them
doc.startTrackRevisions("John Doe", new Date());
builder.write("This is revision #1. ");

// This flag corresponds to the "Track Changes" option being turned on in Microsoft Word, to track the editing manually
// done there and not the programmatic changes we are about to do here

// As well as nodes in the document, revisions get referenced in this collection
Assert.assertEquals(doc.getRevisions().getCount(), 1);

Revision revision = doc.getRevisions().get(0);
Assert.assertEquals(revision.getAuthor(), "John Doe");
Assert.assertEquals(revision.getParentNode().getText(), "This is revision #1. ");
Assert.assertEquals(revision.getRevisionType(), RevisionType.INSERTION);
Assert.assertEquals(DocumentHelper.getDateWithoutTimeUsingFormat(revision.getDateTime()), DocumentHelper.getDateWithoutTimeUsingFormat(new Date()));
Assert.assertEquals(revision.getGroup(), doc.getRevisions().getGroups().get(0));

// Deleting content also counts as a revision
// The most recent revisions are put at the start of the collection
Assert.assertEquals(doc.getRevisions().get(0).getRevisionType(), RevisionType.DELETION);
Assert.assertEquals(doc.getRevisions().getCount(), 2);

// Insert revisions are treated as document text by the GetText() method before they are accepted,
// since they are still nodes with text and are in the body
Assert.assertEquals(doc.getText().trim(), "This does not count as a revision. This is revision #1.");

// Accepting the deletion revision will assimilate it into the paragraph text and remove it from the collection
Assert.assertEquals(doc.getRevisions().getCount(), 1);

// Once the delete revision is accepted, the nodes that it concerns are removed and their text will not show up here
Assert.assertEquals(doc.getText().trim(), "This is revision #1.");

// The second insertion revision is now at index 0, which we can reject to ignore and discard it
Assert.assertEquals(doc.getRevisions().getCount(), 0);
Assert.assertEquals(doc.getText().trim(), "");

Field Summary
static final intINSERTION = 0
New content was inserted in the document.
static final intDELETION = 1
Content was removed from the document.
static final intFORMAT_CHANGE = 2
Change of formatting was applied to the parent node.
static final intSTYLE_DEFINITION_CHANGE = 3
Change of formatting was applied to the parent style.
static final intMOVING = 4
Content was moved in the document.

    • Field Detail

      • INSERTION = 0

        public static final int INSERTION
        New content was inserted in the document.
      • DELETION = 1

        public static final int DELETION
        Content was removed from the document.
      • FORMAT_CHANGE = 2

        public static final int FORMAT_CHANGE
        Change of formatting was applied to the parent node.

        public static final int STYLE_DEFINITION_CHANGE
        Change of formatting was applied to the parent style.
      • MOVING = 4

        public static final int MOVING
        Content was moved in the document.