Aspose::Words::NodeList Class Reference

Detailed Description

Represents a collection of nodes matching an XPath query executed using the SelectNodes() method.

NodeList is returned by SelectNodes() and contains a collection of nodes matching the XPath query.

NodeList supports indexed access and iteration.

Treat the NodeList collection as a "snapshot" collection. NodeList starts as a "live" collection because the nodes are not actually retrieved when the XPath query is run. The nodes are only retrieved upon access and at this time the node and all nodes that precede it are cached forming a "snapshot" collection.

Shows how to find all hyperlinks in a Word document, and then change their URLs and display names.

#include <cstdint>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/CompositeNode.h>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/Document.h>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/Fields/FieldStart.h>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/Fields/FieldType.h>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/Node.h>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/NodeList.h>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/NodeType.h>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/Run.h>
#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/Saving/SaveOutputParameters.h>
#include <system/collections/ienumerable.h>
#include <system/enumerator_adapter.h>
#include <system/exceptions.h>
#include <system/linq/enumerable.h>
#include <system/object_ext.h>
#include <system/text/regularexpressions/group.h>
#include <system/text/regularexpressions/group_collection.h>
#include <system/text/regularexpressions/match.h>
#include <system/text/regularexpressions/regex.h>
#include <system/text/string_builder.h>
#include "ApiExampleBase.h"
using System::MakeArray;
using System::MakeObject;
using namespace Aspose::Words;
using namespace Aspose::Words::Fields;
namespace ApiExamples {
class Hyperlink : public System::Object
String get_Name()
return GetTextSameParent(mFieldSeparator, mFieldEnd);
void set_Name(String value)
// Hyperlink display name is stored in the field result, which is a Run
// node between field separator and field end.
auto fieldResult = System::DynamicCast<Run>(mFieldSeparator->get_NextSibling());
// If the field result consists of more than one run, delete these runs.
RemoveSameParent(fieldResult->get_NextSibling(), mFieldEnd);
String get_Target()
return mTarget;
void set_Target(String value)
mTarget = value;
bool get_IsLocal()
return mIsLocal;
void set_IsLocal(bool value)
mIsLocal = value;
Hyperlink(SharedPtr<FieldStart> fieldStart) : mIsLocal(false)
if (fieldStart == nullptr)
throw System::ArgumentNullException(u"fieldStart");
if (fieldStart->get_FieldType() != FieldType::FieldHyperlink)
throw System::ArgumentException(u"Field start type must be FieldHyperlink.");
mFieldStart = fieldStart;
// Find the field separator node.
mFieldSeparator = FindNextSibling(mFieldStart, NodeType::FieldSeparator);
if (mFieldSeparator == nullptr)
throw System::InvalidOperationException(u"Cannot find field separator.");
// Normally, we can always find the field's end node, but the example document
// contains a paragraph break inside a hyperlink, which puts the field end
// in the next paragraph. It will be much more complicated to handle fields which span several
// paragraphs correctly. In this case allowing field end to be null is enough.
mFieldEnd = FindNextSibling(mFieldSeparator, NodeType::FieldEnd);
// Field code looks something like "HYPERLINK "http:\\"", but it can consist of several runs.
String fieldCode = GetTextSameParent(mFieldStart->get_NextSibling(), mFieldSeparator);
SharedPtr<System::Text::RegularExpressions::Match> match = gRegex->Match(fieldCode.Trim());
// The hyperlink is local if \l is present in the field code.
mIsLocal = match->get_Groups()->idx_get(1)->get_Length() > 0;
mTarget = match->get_Groups()->idx_get(2)->get_Value();
SharedPtr<Node> mFieldStart;
SharedPtr<Node> mFieldSeparator;
SharedPtr<Node> mFieldEnd;
bool mIsLocal;
String mTarget;
static SharedPtr<System::Text::RegularExpressions::Regex> gRegex;
void UpdateFieldCode()
// A field's field code is in a Run node between the field's start node and field separator.
auto fieldCode = System::DynamicCast<Run>(mFieldStart->get_NextSibling());
fieldCode->set_Text(String::Format(u"HYPERLINK {0}\"{1}\"", ((mIsLocal) ? String(u"\\l ") : String(u"")), mTarget));
// If the field code consists of more than one run, delete these runs.
RemoveSameParent(fieldCode->get_NextSibling(), mFieldSeparator);
static SharedPtr<Node> FindNextSibling(SharedPtr<Node> startNode, NodeType nodeType)
for (SharedPtr<Node> node = startNode; node != nullptr; node = node->get_NextSibling())
if (node->get_NodeType() == nodeType)
return node;
return nullptr;
static String GetTextSameParent(SharedPtr<Node> startNode, SharedPtr<Node> endNode)
if ((endNode != nullptr) && (startNode->get_ParentNode() != endNode->get_ParentNode()))
throw System::ArgumentException(u"Start and end nodes are expected to have the same parent.");
auto builder = MakeObject<System::Text::StringBuilder>();
for (SharedPtr<Node> child = startNode; !System::ObjectExt::Equals(child, endNode); child = child->get_NextSibling())
return builder->ToString();
static void RemoveSameParent(SharedPtr<Node> startNode, SharedPtr<Node> endNode)
if (endNode != nullptr && startNode->get_ParentNode() != endNode->get_ParentNode())
throw System::ArgumentException(u"Start and end nodes are expected to have the same parent.");
SharedPtr<Node> curChild = startNode;
while ((curChild != nullptr) && (curChild != endNode))
SharedPtr<Node> nextChild = curChild->get_NextSibling();
curChild = nextChild;
class ExReplaceHyperlinks : public ApiExampleBase
void Fields()
auto doc = MakeObject<Document>(MyDir + u"Hyperlinks.docx");
// Hyperlinks in a Word documents are fields. To begin looking for hyperlinks, we must first find all the fields.
// Use the "SelectNodes" method to find all the fields in the document via an XPath.
SharedPtr<NodeList> fieldStarts = doc->SelectNodes(u"//FieldStart");
for (const auto& fieldStart : System::IterateOver(fieldStarts->LINQ_OfType<SharedPtr<FieldStart>>()))
if (fieldStart->get_FieldType() == FieldType::FieldHyperlink)
auto hyperlink = MakeObject<Hyperlink>(fieldStart);
// Hyperlinks that link to bookmarks do not have URLs.
if (hyperlink->get_IsLocal())
// Give each URL hyperlink a new URL and name.
doc->Save(ArtifactsDir + u"ReplaceHyperlinks.Fields.docx");
static const String NewUrl;
static const String NewName;
} // namespace ApiExamples

#include <Aspose.Words.Cpp/NodeList.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NodeList (const SharedPtr< NodeCollection > &nodes)
int32_t get_Count () const
 Gets the number of nodes in the list. More...
SharedPtr< IEnumerator< SharedPtr< Node > > > GetEnumerator () override
 Provides a simple "foreach" style iteration over the collection of nodes. More...
virtual const TypeInfoGetType () const override
SharedPtr< Nodeidx_get (int32_t index) const
 Retrieves a node at the given index. More...
virtual bool Is (const TypeInfo &target) const override
ArrayPtr< SharedPtr< Node > > ToArray () const
 Copies all nodes from the collection to a new array of nodes. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static const TypeInfoType ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NodeList()

Aspose::Words::NodeList::NodeList ( const System::SharedPtr< Aspose::Words::NodeCollection > &  nodes)

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_Count()

int32_t Aspose::Words::NodeList::get_Count ( ) const

Gets the number of nodes in the list.

◆ GetEnumerator()

Provides a simple "foreach" style iteration over the collection of nodes.

An IEnumerator.

◆ GetType()

virtual const System::TypeInfo& Aspose::Words::NodeList::GetType ( ) const

Reimplemented from System::Object.

◆ idx_get()

System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node> Aspose::Words::NodeList::idx_get ( int32_t  index) const

Retrieves a node at the given index.

The index is zero-based.

Negative indexes are allowed and indicate access from the back of the collection. For example -1 means the last item, -2 means the second before last and so on.

If index is greater than or equal to the number of items in the list, this returns a null reference.

If index is negative and its absolute value is greater than the number of items in the list, this returns a null reference.

indexAn index into the list of nodes.

◆ Is()

virtual bool Aspose::Words::NodeList::Is ( const System::TypeInfo target) const

Reimplemented from System::Object.

◆ ToArray()

System::ArrayPtr<System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Words::Node> > Aspose::Words::NodeList::ToArray ( ) const

Copies all nodes from the collection to a new array of nodes.

You should not be adding/removing nodes while iterating over a collection of nodes because it invalidates the iterator and requires refreshes for live collections.

To be able to add/remove nodes during iteration, use this method to copy nodes into a fixed-size array and then iterate over the array.

An array of nodes.

◆ Type()

static const System::TypeInfo& Aspose::Words::NodeList::Type ( )