TeXOptions Class

TeX file processing options class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.TeX
Assembly:  Aspose.TeX (in Aspose.TeX.dll) Version: (22.4)
public class TeXOptions

The TeXOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDateTime
Gets/sets a certain value for date/time primitives like \year, \month, \day and \time.
Public propertyIgnoreMissingPackages
Gets/sets the flag that instructs the engine whether to halt on missing package read attempt or ignore it.
Public propertyInputWorkingDirectory
Gets/sets input working directory.
Public propertyInteraction
Gets/sets the interaction mode to run a TeX engine in.
Public propertyJobName
Gets/set the name of the job.
Public propertyNoLigatures
Gets/sets the flag that cancels ligatures in all fonts.
Public propertyOutputWorkingDirectory
Gets/sets output working directory.
Public propertyRepeat
Gets/sets the flag that indicates whether it is necessary to run the TeX job twice in case, for example, there are references in input TeX file(s). In general, this behavior is useful when the engine collects some data along the typesetting process and stores it in an auxilliary file, all at the first run. And at the second run, the engine somehow uses that data.
Public propertyRequiredInputDirectory
Gets/sets the directory for the required input, e.g., packages that are beyond Aspose.TeX's LaTeX support.
Public propertySaveOptions
Gets/sets options used for rendering into destination format (XPS, PDF, image, etc.). Default value is the set of default options for rendering to XPS.
Public propertyTerminalIn
Gets/sets the input terminal reader.
Public propertyTerminalOut
Gets/sets the output terminal writer.
Public methodStatic memberConsoleAppOptions
Returns options for use in console application.
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