TextItemType Enumeration

Item type to change a text style for.

Namespace:  Aspose.Tasks.Visualization
Assembly:  Aspose.Tasks (in Aspose.Tasks.dll) Version: 21.6
public enum TextItemType
  Member nameValueDescription
RowColumnTitles0 Row and column titles.
CriticalTasks1 Critical tasks.
NoncriticalTasks2 Noncritical tasks.
MilestoneTasks3 Milestone tasks.
InactiveTasks4 Inactive tasks.
SummaryTasks5 Summary tasks.
AssignmentRow6 Assignment row.
TopTimescaleTier7 Top timescale tier.
BottomTimescaleTier8 Bottom timescale tier.
MiddleTimescaleTier9 Middle timescale tier.
Resources10 Resource sheet.
OverallocatedResources11 Over allocated resources.
TaskFilterHighlight12 Task Filter Highlight text item.
BarTextBottom13 Bar Text Bottom text item.
BarTextInside14 Bar Text Inside text item.
BarTextLeft15 Bar Text Left text item.
BarTextRight16 Bar Text Right text item.
BarTextTop17 Bar Text Top text item.
MarkedTasks18 Marked task text item.
ProjectSummary19 Project summary task text item.
ExternalTasks20 External tasks text item.
Allocated21 Allocated text item.
ChangedCells22 Changed cells.
Shows how to work with text item types.
var project = new Project(DataDir + "CreateProject2.mpp");
SaveOptions options = new PdfSaveOptions
    PresentationFormat = PresentationFormat.ResourceSheet

var style = new TextStyle
    Color = Color.OrangeRed,
    FontStyle = FontStyle.Bold
style.FontStyle |= FontStyle.Italic;
style.ItemType = TextItemType.OverallocatedResources;

options.TextStyles = new List<TextStyle>
project.Save(OutDir + "CustomizeTextStyle_out.pdf", options);
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