Aspose.Tasks.Visualization Namespace

Contains helper classes for rendering.
Public classAssignmentViewColumn
Project's view class.
Public classBarStyle
Change the visual style of the bar for the item in the project view.
Public classGanttBarStyle
Represents a bar style used by MSP in Gantt Chart view.
Public classGanttChartColumn
Project's view class
Public classGridline
The horizontal or vertical line that appears in the project view.
Public classGridlines
Represents gridlines that appear in a GanttChart view.
Public classHeaderFooterInfo
Represents header or footer data which is present in views and used for printing.
Public classPageInfo
Represents page setup data which is present in MPP file format and used for printing.
Public classPageLegend
Represents a page legend which is used for project printing.
Public classPageMargins
Represents page margins for printing.
Public classPageSettings
Represents printing settings for a page of project view.
Public classPageViewSettings
Represents printing settings for a project view.
Public classProgressLines
Represents progress lines in a Gantt Chart view.
Public classProjectView
Project's view class
Public classRecurringInterval
Represents recurring intervals used in progress lines of a Gantt Chart view.
Public classResourceViewColumn
Project's view class used in ResourceUsage view and ResourceSheet view.
Public classTableTextStyle
Represents a text style in a view table.
Public classTaskTextStyleEventArgs
This class represents set of data that related to the rendering of table cell's content.
Public classTextStyle
Change the visual style of the text for an item in the project view.
Public classTimescaleTier
Represents a single tier of the timescale on a Gantt Chart.
Public classViewColumn
Represents a column in a project view.
Public interfaceITextStyleModificationCallback
Represents a callback that is called before TextStyle is applied to a table cell.
Public delegateAssignmentToColumnTextConverter
ResourceAssignment data to column's string converter.
Public delegateBarStyleTaskToBarTextConverter
Task's data to bar text converter.
Public delegateDateTimeConverter
Represents a converter method to convert date to string in view timescale tiers.
Public delegateResourceToColumnTextConverter
Resource's data to column's string converter.
Public delegateTaskToColumnTextConverter
Task's data to column's string converter.
Public enumerationBarItemType
Item type to change a bar style for.
Public enumerationBarShape
Shape of a bar rectangle.
Public enumerationBorder
Specifies the type borders.
Public enumerationDateLabel
Specifies the display format for date and time labels in a timescale.
Public enumerationGanttBarEndShape
Represents end shape in bars and progress points in progress lines.
Public enumerationGanttBarFillPattern
Fill pattern used in middle shape of a gantt bar.
Public enumerationGanttBarMiddleShape
Specifies the middle shape of a bar.
Public enumerationGanttBarShowFor
Represents categories of tasks used when customizing Bar Styles of Gantt chart.
Public enumerationGanttBarType
Specifies the bar type.
Public enumerationGridlineType
Type of gridline.
Public enumerationInterval
Specifies recurring intervals to display progress lines at.
Public enumerationLegend
Specifies the pages on which the legend appears.
Public enumerationLinePattern
Line pattern.
Public enumerationPageSize
Specifies page size.
Public enumerationPresentationFormat
Enumeration for presentation format.
Public enumerationPrinterPaperSize
Specifies the paper size which is used for printing.
Public enumerationRecurringIntervalDayType
Represents a day type used in progress lines.
Public enumerationReportType
Type of the project's graphical report.
Public enumerationShape
Shape of a marker at the beginning or end of the bar style to be rendered when saving view data to some of SaveFileFormat.
Public enumerationTextItemType
Item type to change a text style for.
Public enumerationTimescale
Defines options which specifies how to render timescale in Gantt Chart, Task Usage or Resource Usage views when the project is exported to a graphic format.
Public enumerationTimescaleUnit
Specifies the unit of time for any tier of a timescale in a Gantt chart or other time phased view.