AndTCheck Method

Returns true if the specified object satisfy the conditions.

Namespace:  Aspose.Tasks.Util
Assembly:  Aspose.Tasks (in Aspose.Tasks.dll) Version: 20.11
public bool Check(
	T el


Type: T
The object to check.

Return Value

Type: Boolean
True if the object satisfy the conditions.


Shows how to use <see cref="Aspose.Tasks.Util.And`1" /> condition.
public void WorkWithAnd()
    var project = new Project(DataDir + "Project2.mpp");

    // gather all project tasks
    var coll = new ChildTasksCollector();
    TaskUtils.Apply(project.RootTask, coll, 0);

    // create a filter condition that filters summary tasks
    var condition1 = new SummaryCondition();

    // create a filter condition that filters not null tasks
    var condition2 = new NotNullCondition();

    // and join them by applying <see cref="Aspose.Tasks.Util.And`1" /> condition
    var joinedCondition = new And<Task>(condition1, condition2);

    // apply the condition to the collected tasks
    List<Task> collection = Filter(coll.Tasks, joinedCondition);
    Console.WriteLine("Filtered tasks: ");
    foreach (var task in collection)
        Console.WriteLine(" Name: " + task.Get(Tsk.Name));

        // work with other properties...

    // ...

private static List<T> Filter<T>(IEnumerable<T> array, ICondition<T> cond)
    var result = new List<T>();

    foreach (var item in array)
        if (cond.Check(item))

    return result;

private class NotNullCondition : ICondition<Task>
    public bool Check(Task el)
        return !el.Get(Tsk.IsNull).Value;

private class SummaryCondition : ICondition<Task>
    public bool Check(Task el)
        return el.Get(Tsk.IsSummary);
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