Class Tsk

  • public class Tsk
    extends Object

    Represents properties of Task object.

    • Field Detail

      • ID

        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> ID

        The position identifier of a task within the list of tasks.

      • CREATED

        public static final Key<Date,Integer> CREATED

        The date when a task was created.

      • CONTACT

        public static final Key<String,Integer> CONTACT

        The name of an individual responsible for a task.

      • WBS

        public static final Key<String,Integer> WBS

        Work breakdown structure (WBS) codes.

      • WBS_LEVEL

        public static final Key<String,Integer> WBS_LEVEL

        The rightmost WBS level of a task.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> OUTLINE_NUMBER

        The number that represents a task's position in the hierarchical outline structure.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> OUTLINE_LEVEL

        The outline level of a task.

      • PRIORITY

        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> PRIORITY

        The level of importance given to a task, which in turn indicates how readily a task or assignment can be delayed or split during resource leveling.

      • START

        public static final Key<Date,Integer> START

        The scheduled start date of a task.

      • FINISH

        public static final Key<Date,Integer> FINISH

        The scheduled finish date of a task.

      • DURATION

        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> DURATION

        The total span of active working time for a task as entered or as calculated by Microsoft Project based on start date, finish date, calendars, and other scheduling factors.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> DURATION_VARIANCE

        The difference between the baseline duration of a task and the total duration (current estimate) of a task.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> DURATION_FORMAT

        Task duration format.

      • WORK

        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> WORK

        The total time scheduled on a task for all assigned resources.

      • STOP

        public static final Key<Date,Integer> STOP

        The date that represents the end of the actual portion of a task.

      • RESUME

        public static final Key<Date,Integer> RESUME

        The date that the remaining part of a task is scheduled to resume after entering any progress.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_RESUME_VALID

        Determines whether a task can be resumed.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_EFFORT_DRIVEN

        Determines whether the scheduling for the task is effort-driven scheduling.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_RECURRING

        Determines whether a task is part of a series of recurring tasks.

      • IS_SUMMARY

        public static final Key<Boolean,Integer> IS_SUMMARY

        Determines whether a task is a summary task.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_OVERALLOCATED

        Indicates whether a resource is assigned to more work on a specific task or all tasks than can be completed within normal working capacity.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_ESTIMATED

        Determines whether a task is estimated.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_MILESTONE

        Determines whether a task is a milestone.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_CRITICAL

        Determines whether a task is on the critical path.


        public static final Key<Boolean,Integer> IS_SUBPROJECT

        Determines whether a task is an inserted project.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_SUBPROJECT_READ_ONLY

        Determines whether a subproject is read-only.

      • IS_MARKED

        public static final Key<Boolean,Integer> IS_MARKED

        Shows whether a task is marked for further action or identification of some kind.

        Applies to mpp file format only. boolean type.

        public static final Key<Boolean,Integer> IGNORE_WARNINGS

        Indicates whether to hide the schedule conflict warning indicator in Microsoft Project.


        public static final Key<Boolean,Integer> IS_EXTERNAL_TASK

        Determines whether a task is external.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> SUBPROJECT_NAME

        The source location of a subproject.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> EXTERNAL_TASK_PROJECT

        The source location and task identifier of an external task.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> EXTERNAL_ID

        If a task is an external task it contains the task's external Id.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> EARLY_START

        The earliest date that a task could possibly begin, based on the early start dates of predecessor and successor tasks and other constraints.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> EARLY_FINISH

        The earliest date that a task could possibly finish, based on early finish dates of predecessor and successor tasks, other constraints, and any leveling delay.

      • LATE_START

        public static final Key<Date,Integer> LATE_START

        The latest date that a task can start without delaying the finish of the project.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> LATE_FINISH

        The latest date that a task can finish without delaying the finish of the project.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> START_VARIANCE

        The time that represents the difference between a baseline start date of a task or assignment and its currently scheduled start date.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> FINISH_VARIANCE

        The time that represents the difference between the baseline finish date of a task or assignment and its current finish date.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> WORK_VARIANCE

        The difference between baseline work of a task and the currently scheduled work.


        public static final Key<Double,Integer> COST_VARIANCE

        The difference between the baseline cost and total cost for a task, resource, or assignment.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> START_SLACK

        The duration between the Early Start and Late Start dates.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> FINISH_SLACK

        The duration between the Early Finish and Late Finish dates.

      • FREE_SLACK

        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> FREE_SLACK

        The time that a task can be delayed without delaying any successor tasks.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> TOTAL_SLACK

        The time a task's finish date can be delayed without delaying the project's finish date.

      • FIXED_COST

        public static final Key<Double,Integer> FIXED_COST

        Shows any non resource task expense.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> FIXED_COST_ACCRUAL

        Determines choices for how and when fixed costs are to be charged, or accrued, to the cost of a task.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> PERCENT_COMPLETE

        The current status of a task, expressed as the percentage of the task's duration that has been completed.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> PERCENT_WORK_COMPLETE

        The current status of a task expressed as the percentage of work that has been completed.

      • COST

        public static final Key<BigDecimal,Integer> COST

        The total scheduled or projected cost for a task based on costs already incurred for work performed by resources assigned to the tasks, in addition to the costs planned for the remaining work.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,Integer> OVERTIME_COST

        The total overtime cost for a task, for a resource on all assigned tasks, or for a resource assignment.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> ACTUAL_START

        The date and time that a task actually began.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> ACTUAL_FINISH

        The date when a task was completed.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> ACTUAL_DURATION

        The span of actual working time for a task, based on the scheduled duration and current remaining work or percent complete.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,Integer> ACTUAL_COST

        Costs incurred for work already performed by resources on their tasks, together with any other recorded costs associated with the task.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_COST

        Costs incurred for overtime work already performed on tasks by assigned resources.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> ACTUAL_WORK

        The amount of work that has already been done by resources assigned to tasks.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_WORK

        The actual amount of overtime work already performed by resources assigned to tasks.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> REGULAR_WORK

        The total amount of non overtime work scheduled to be performed by resources.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> OVERTIME_WORK

        The amount of overtime scheduled to be performed by all resources assigned to a task.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> REMAINING_DURATION

        The time that is required to complete the unfinished part of a task.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,Integer> REMAINING_COST

        The remaining scheduled expense that will be incurred in completing the remaining scheduled work.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> REMAINING_WORK

        The time still required to complete a task or set of tasks.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> REMAINING_OVERTIME_WORK

        The amount of remaining scheduled overtime time.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,Integer> REMAINING_OVERTIME_COST

        The remaining scheduled overtime expense for a task.

      • ACWP

        public static final Key<Double,Integer> ACWP

        Costs incurred for work already done on a task, up to the project status date or today's date.

      • CV

        public static final Key<Double,Integer> CV

        The difference between the baseline cost and total cost for a task. Cost Variance = Cost - Baseline Cost


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> CONSTRAINT_TYPE

        Provides choices for the type of constraint that can be applied for scheduling a task.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> CONSTRAINT_DATE

        The specific date associated with the constraint type.

      • DEADLINE

        public static final Key<Date,Integer> DEADLINE

        A target date that indicates when a task is to be completed.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> LEVEL_ASSIGNMENTS

        Determines whether the leveling function can delay and split individual assignments in order to resolve over allocations.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> LEVELING_CAN_SPLIT

        Determines whether the resource leveling function can cause splits on remaining work on this task.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> LEVELING_DELAY

        The time that a task is to be delayed from its early start date because of resource leveling.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> LEVELING_DELAY_FORMAT

        The format of expressing the duration of a delay.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> PRELEVELED_START

        The start date of a task as it was before resource leveling was done.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> PRELEVELED_FINISH

        The finish date of a task as it was before resource leveling was done.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> HYPERLINK

        The title or explanatory text for a hyperlink associated with a task.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> HYPERLINK_ADDRESS

        The address for a hyperlink associated with a task.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> HYPERLINK_SUB_ADDRESS

        The specific location in a document in a hyperlink associated with a task.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IGNORE_RESOURCE_CALENDAR

        Determines whether the scheduling of the task considers the calendars of the resources assigned to the task.

      • HIDE_BAR

        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> HIDE_BAR

        Determines whether the Gantt bar of a task is hidden when displayed in Microsoft Project.

      • IS_ROLLUP

        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_ROLLUP

        Determines whether information about the subtask Gantt bars will be rolled up to the summary task bar.

      • BCWS

        public static final Key<Double,Integer> BCWS

        The cumulative time phased baseline costs up to the status date or today's date.

      • BCWP

        public static final Key<Double,Integer> BCWP

        The cumulative value of the task's percent complete multiplied by the time phased baseline costs.


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> PHYSICAL_PERCENT_COMPLETE

        Percent complete value that can be be used as an alternative for calculating budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP).


        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> EARNED_VALUE_METHOD

        Determines whether the % Complete or Physical % Complete field should be used to calculate budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP).


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> ACTUAL_WORK_PROTECTED

        The duration through which actual work is protected.

        Reading supported for XML format only. DURATION type.

        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_WORK_PROTECTED

        The duration through which actual overtime work is protected.

        Reading supported for XML format only. DURATION type.

        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_PUBLISHED

        Determines whether the current task should be published to Project Server with the rest of the project.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> STATUS_MANAGER

        The name of the enterprise resource who is to receive status updates for the current task from resources.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> COMMITMENT_START

        The start date of a delivery.

        Reading supported for XML format only. Date type.

        public static final Key<Date,Integer> COMMITMENT_FINISH

        The finish date of a delivery.

        Reading supported for XML format only. Date type.

        public static final Key<Integer,Integer> COMMITMENT_TYPE

        Determines whether a task has an associated delivery or a dependency on an associated delivery.

        Reading supported for XML format only. int type.
      • IS_MANUAL

        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_MANUAL

        Determines whether a task is manually scheduled.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_EXPANDED

        Determines whether a summary task is expanded or not in GanttChart view.

      • GUID

        public static final Key<String,Integer> GUID

        The generated unique identification codes for a task.

      • NOTES_TEXT

        public static final Key<String,Integer> NOTES_TEXT

        Notes' plain text extracted from RTF data.

      • NOTES_RTF

        public static final Key<String,Integer> NOTES_RTF

        The text notes in RTF format.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> MANUAL_START

        Defines manually scheduled start of a task.


        public static final Key<Date,Integer> MANUAL_FINISH

        Defines manually scheduled finish of a task.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> MANUAL_DURATION

        Defines manually scheduled duration of a task.


        public static final Key<Duration,Integer> BUDGET_WORK

        Budget work for budget work and material resources. Budget resources are assigned only to the project summary task.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,Integer> BUDGET_COST

        Budget costs for budget cost resources. Budget resources are assigned only to the project summary task.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> DISPLAY_AS_SUMMARY

        Determines whether the task should be displayed as a summary task.

        Reading supported for XML format only. boolean type.
      • IS_ACTIVE

        public static final Key<NullableBool,Integer> IS_ACTIVE

        Determines whether a task is active. Inactive tasks no longer affect other tasks or the overall Project schedule.

      • START_TEXT

        public static final Key<String,Integer> START_TEXT

        Returns the task's start text.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> DURATION_TEXT

        Returns the task's duration text.


        public static final Key<String,Integer> FINISH_TEXT

        Returns the task's finish text.


        public static final Key<Boolean,Integer> DISPLAY_ON_TIMELINE

        Specifies whether a task should be displayed on a timeline view.

      • WARNING

        public static final Key<Boolean,Integer> WARNING

        Represents the flag which indicates that task has schedule discrepancies.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Tsk

        public Tsk()