Class Rsc

  • public class Rsc
    extends Object

    Represents supported properties of Resource object.

    • Field Detail

      • ACCRUE_AT

        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> ACCRUE_AT

        Determines how and when resource standard and overtime costs are to be charged, or accrued, to the cost of a task.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> ACTIVE_DIRECTORY_GUID

        The Active Directory UUID for a resource.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> ACTUAL_COST

        Costs incurred for work already performed by resources on their tasks, along with any other recorded costs associated with the task.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_COST

        Costs incurred for overtime work already performed on tasks by assigned resources.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_WORK

        The actual amount of overtime work already performed by resource assigned to tasks.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> ACTUAL_OVERTIME_WORK_PROTECTED

        The amount of work through which actual overtime work is protected.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> ACTUAL_WORK

        The amount of work that has already been done by resource assigned to tasks.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> ACTUAL_WORK_PROTECTED

        The amount of work through which actual work is protected.

      • ACWP

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> ACWP

        The actual cost of a work performed by a resource for the project to-date.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> ASSIGNMENT_OWNER

        The name of an assignment owner.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> ASSIGNMENT_OWNER_GUID

        The GUID of an assignment owner.


        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> AVAILABLE_FROM

        The starting date that a resource is available for work at the units specified for the current time period.


        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> AVAILABLE_TO

        The end date that a resource is available for work at the units specified for the current time period.

      • BCWP

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> BCWP

        The budgeted cost of a work performed by a resource for the project to-date.

      • BCWS

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> BCWS

        The budget cost of a work scheduled for a resource.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> BOOKING_TYPE

        The booking type of a resource.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> BUDGET_COST

        Budget costs for budget cost resources. Budget resources are assigned only to the project summary task.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> BUDGET_WORK

        budget work for budget work and material resources. Budget resources are assigned only to the project summary task.

      • CALENDAR

        public static final Key<Calendar,​Integer> CALENDAR

        The calendar of a resource.

      • CAN_LEVEL

        public static final Key<NullableBool,​Integer> CAN_LEVEL

        Determines whether resource leveling can be done on a resource.

      • CODE

        public static final Key<String,​Integer> CODE

        The code or other information about a resource.

      • COST

        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> COST

        The total scheduled or projected cost for a resource, based on costs already incurred for work performed by resources assigned to the tasks, in addition to the costs planned for the remaining work.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> COST_CENTER

        Indicates which cost center the costs accrued by the resource should be charged to.

      • COST_PER_USE

        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> COST_PER_USE

        The cost that accrues every time that a resource is used.


        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> COST_VARIANCE

        The difference between the baseline cost and total cost for a resource.

      • CREATED

        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> CREATED

        The date and time when a resource was added to the project.

      • CV

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> CV

        The earned value cost variance, through the project status date. CV is the difference between the task's BCWP (budgeted cost of work performed) and ACWP (actual cost of work performed).


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> E_MAIL_ADDRESS

        The email address of a resource.

      • FINISH

        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> FINISH

        The date when a resource is scheduled to complete work on all assigned tasks.

      • GROUP

        public static final Key<String,​Integer> GROUP

        The group to which a resource belongs.

      • GUID

        public static final Key<String,​Integer> GUID

        Contains the generated unique identification code for the resource.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> HYPERLINK

        The title of a hyperlink associated with a resource.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> HYPERLINK_ADDRESS

        The hyperlink associated with a resource.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> HYPERLINK_SUB_ADDRESS

        The document bookmark of a hyperlink associated with a resource.

      • ID

        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> ID

        The position identifier of a resource within the list of resources.

      • INACTIVE

        public static final Key<NullableBool,​Integer> INACTIVE

        Determines whether a resource was made inactive by a user who has administrative rights.

      • INITIALS

        public static final Key<String,​Integer> INITIALS

        The initials of a resource.

      • IS_BUDGET

        public static final Key<NullableBool,​Integer> IS_BUDGET

        Determines whether a work, material, or cost resource is a budget resource.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,​Integer> IS_COST_RESOURCE

        Determines whether a resource is a cost resource.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,​Integer> IS_ENTERPRISE

        Shows whether a resource is from the enterprise resource pool (true) or the local resource pool (false).

      • IS_GENERIC

        public static final Key<NullableBool,​Integer> IS_GENERIC

        Determines whether a resource is generic or not.


        public static final Key<Boolean,​Integer> IS_TEAM_ASSIGNMENT_POOL

        Shows whether the current resource is a team resource.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> MATERIAL_LABEL

        The unit of measure for the material resource.

      • MAX_UNITS

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> MAX_UNITS

        The maximum number of units representing the maximum capacity for which a resource is available to accomplish any tasks during the current time period.

      • NOTES

        public static final Key<String,​Integer> NOTES

        The text notes associated with a resource.

      • NOTES_RTF

        public static final Key<String,​Integer> NOTES_RTF

        The text notes in RTF format.

        Supported for MPP formats only. String type.
      • NOTES_TEXT

        public static final Key<String,​Integer> NOTES_TEXT

        Notes' plain text extracted from RTF data.


        public static final Key<NullableBool,​Integer> OVERALLOCATED

        Indicates whether a resource is assigned to more work on a specific task or all tasks than can be completed within normal working capacity.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> OVERTIME_COST

        The total overtime cost for a resource on all assigned tasks.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> OVERTIME_RATE

        The rate of pay for overtime work performed by a resource.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> OVERTIME_RATE_FORMAT

        The units used by Microsoft Project to display the overtime rate.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> OVERTIME_WORK

        The amount of overtime scheduled to be performed by a resource on a task and charged at the overtime rates of the resources involved.

      • PEAK_UNITS

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> PEAK_UNITS

        The maximum assignment unit for a resource at any one point in time for all tasks to which the resource is assigned.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> PERCENT_WORK_COMPLETE

        The percentage of work completed across all tasks.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> PHONETICS

        The phonetic spelling of the resource name. For use with Japanese only.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> REGULAR_WORK

        The total amount of non overtime work scheduled to be performed by resource.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> REMAINING_COST

        The remaining scheduled expense that will be incurred in completing the remaining scheduled work.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> REMAINING_OVERTIME_COST

        The remaining scheduled overtime expense for a resource.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> REMAINING_OVERTIME_WORK

        The amount of remaining scheduled overtime.


        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> REMAINING_WORK

        The time still required to complete a task or set of tasks.


        public static final Key<BigDecimal,​Integer> STANDARD_RATE

        The rate of pay for regular, non-overtime work performed by a resource.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> STANDARD_RATE_FORMAT

        The units used by Microsoft Project to display the standard rate.

      • START

        public static final Key<Date,​Integer> START

        The date when an assigned resource is scheduled to begin working on a task.

      • SV

        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> SV

        The earned value schedule variance, through the project status date. SV is the difference between budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP) and budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS).

      • UID

        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> UID

        The unique identifier of a resource.


        public static final Key<String,​Integer> WINDOWS_USER_ACCOUNT

        The NT account associated with a resource.

      • WORK

        public static final Key<Duration,​Integer> WORK

        The total amount of time scheduled for a resource on a task.


        public static final Key<Integer,​Integer> WORKGROUP

        The type of a workgroup to which a resource belongs.


        public static final Key<Double,​Integer> WORK_VARIANCE

        The difference between baseline work of a resource and the currently scheduled work.