Class FileFormat

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.aspose.tasks.FileFormat

  • public final class FileFormat

    Specifies the project's file format.

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      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static int HTML
      Represents HTML format
      static int MPP12
      Microsoft Project 2007 format.
      static int MPP14
      Microsoft Project 2010 format.
      static int MPP8
      Microsoft Project 2000 format.
      static int MPP9
      Microsoft Project 2003 format.
      static int MPT12
      Microsoft Project 2007 template format.
      static int MPT14
      Microsoft Project 2010 (2013) template format.
      static int MPT9
      Microsoft Project 2003 template format.
      static int MPX
      Mpx file format
      static int P6XML
      Represents Primavera P6 XML format.
      static int Undefined
      Can not be defined.
      static int XER
      Represents Primavera XER format
      static int XML
      Microsoft Project XML format.
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