Aspose.Svg.Dom Namespaces

This group consists of namespaces and namespace groups responsible for DOM (Document Object Model) processing and HTML, XML or SVG documents tree nodes manipulations. It also includes CSS and SVG related namespaces.
The Aspose.Svg.Dom (Document Object Model) namespace provides API that represents and interacts with any HTML, XML or SVG documents. The DOM is a document model loaded in the browser and representing the document as a node tree, where each node represents part of the document (e.g. an element, text string, or comment).
The Aspose.Svg.Dom.Attributes namespace contains unified attribute classes which specifies or qualifies any object (node, element, ...) feature or behavior.
The Aspose.Svg.Dom.Css namespace is for all CSS related manipulations. It concentrates around CSS property name - value pairs specified by CSS official documents.
The Aspose.Svg.Dom.Events namespace provides objects for any events related DOM updating. It includes subscription to specific contextual information observation associated with event as well as custom events construction.
The Aspose.Svg.Dom.Mutations provides opportunity to observe DOM mutations and getting specific callback information.
This namespace group contains namespaces which are responsible for iterators and tree-walkers creation to navigate between elements and traverse a node and its children in document order. It also contains namespace for tree navigation filtering.
Aspose.Svg.Dom.Views namespace describes AbstractView and DocumentView interfaces according Document Object Model Views specification.
The namespace contains methods to navigate through elements and attributes in an XML document.