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SlideLayoutType Enumeration

Represents the slide layout type.

Namespace:  Aspose.Slides
Assembly:  Aspose.Slides (in Aspose.Slides.dll) Version: (22.1)
public enum SlideLayoutType
  Member nameValueDescription
Custom-1 Custom
Title0 Title
Text1 Text
TwoColumnText2 Two Column Text
Table3 Table
TextAndChart4 Text and Chart
ChartAndText5 Chart and Text
Diagram6 Diagram
Chart7 Chart
TextAndClipArt8 Text and Clip Art
ClipArtAndText9 Clip Art and Text
TitleOnly10 Title Only
Blank11 Blank
TextAndObject12 Text and Object
ObjectAndText13 Object and Text
Object14 Object
TitleAndObject15 Title and Object
TextAndMedia16 Text and Media
MediaAndText17 Media and Text
ObjectOverText18 Object over Text
TextOverObject19 Text over Object
TextAndTwoObjects20 Text and Two Objects
TwoObjectsAndText21 Two Objects and Text
TwoObjectsOverText22 Two Objects over Text
FourObjects23 Four Objects
VerticalText24 Vertical Text
ClipArtAndVerticalText25 Clip Art and Vertical Text
VerticalTitleAndText26 Vertical Title and Text
VerticalTitleAndTextOverChart27 Vertical Title and Text Over Chart
TwoObjects28 Two Objects
ObjectAndTwoObject29 Object and Two Object
TwoObjectsAndObject30 Two Objects and Object
SectionHeader31 Section Header
TwoTextAndTwoObjects32 Two Text and Two Objects
TitleObjectAndCaption33 Title, Object, and Caption
PictureAndCaption34 Picture and Caption
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