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ShapeType Enumeration

Represents preset geometry of geometry shapes.

Namespace:  Aspose.Slides
Assembly:  Aspose.Slides (in Aspose.Slides.dll) Version: (22.4)
public enum ShapeType
  Member nameValueDescription
NotDefined-1 Not defined.
Custom0 Custom shape. This is return-only value.
Line1 Line Shape.
LineInverse2 Line Inverse Shape.
Triangle3 Triangle Shape.
RightTriangle4 Right Triangle Shape.
Rectangle5 Rectangle Shape.
Diamond6 Diamond Shape.
Parallelogram7 Parallelogram Shape.
Trapezoid8 Trapezoid Shape.
NonIsoscelesTrapezoid9 Non-Isosceles Trapezoid Shape.
Pentagon10 Pentagon Shape.
Hexagon11 Hexagon Shape.
Heptagon12 Heptagon Shape.
Octagon13 Octagon Shape.
Decagon14 Decagon Shape.
Dodecagon15 Dodecagon Shape.
FourPointedStar16 Four Pointed Star Shape.
FivePointedStar17 Five Pointed Star Shape.
SixPointedStar18 Six Pointed Star Shape.
SevenPointedStar19 Seven Pointed Star Shape.
EightPointedStar20 Eight Pointed Star Shape.
TenPointedStar21 Ten Pointed Star Shape.
TwelvePointedStar22 Twelve Pointed Star Shape.
SixteenPointedStar23 Sixteen Pointed Star Shape.
TwentyFourPointedStar24 Twenty Four Pointed Star Shape.
ThirtyTwoPointedStar25 Thirty Two Pointed Star Shape.
RoundCornerRectangle26 Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
OneRoundCornerRectangle27 One Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
TwoSamesideRoundCornerRectangle28 Two Same-side Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
TwoDiagonalRoundCornerRectangle29 Two Diagonal Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
OneSnipOneRoundCornerRectangle30 One Snip One Round Corner Rectangle Shape.
OneSnipCornerRectangle31 One Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
TwoSamesideSnipCornerRectangle32 Two Same-side Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
TwoDiagonalSnipCornerRectangle33 Two Diagonal Snip Corner Rectangle Shape.
Plaque34 Plaque Shape.
Ellipse35 Ellipse Shape.
Teardrop36 Teardrop Shape.
HomePlate37 Home Plate Shape.
Chevron38 Chevron Shape.
PieWedge39 Pie Wedge Shape.
Pie40 Pie Shape.
BlockArc41 Block Arc Shape.
Donut42 Donut Shape.
NoSmoking43 No Smoking Shape.
RightArrow44 Right Arrow Shape.
LeftArrow45 Left Arrow Shape.
UpArrow46 Up Arrow Shape.
DownArrow47 Down Arrow Shape.
StripedRightArrow48 Striped Right Arrow Shape.
NotchedRightArrow49 Notched Right Arrow Shape.
BentUpArrow50 Bent Up Arrow Shape.
LeftRightArrow51 Left Right Arrow Shape.
UpDownArrow52 Up Down Arrow Shape.
LeftUpArrow53 Left Up Arrow Shape.
LeftRightUpArrow54 Left Right Up Arrow Shape.
QuadArrow55 Quad-Arrow Shape.
CalloutLeftArrow56 Callout Left Arrow Shape.
CalloutRightArrow57 Callout Right Arrow Shape.
CalloutUpArrow58 Callout Up Arrow Shape.
CalloutDownArrow59 Callout Down Arrow Shape.
CalloutLeftRightArrow60 Callout Left Right Arrow Shape.
CalloutUpDownArrow61 Callout Up Down Arrow Shape.
CalloutQuadArrow62 Callout Quad-Arrow Shape.
BentArrow63 Bent Arrow Shape.
UTurnArrow64 U-Turn Arrow Shape.
CircularArrow65 Circular Arrow Shape.
LeftCircularArrow66 Left Circular Arrow Shape.
LeftRightCircularArrow67 Left Right Circular Arrow Shape.
CurvedRightArrow68 Curved Right Arrow Shape.
CurvedLeftArrow69 Curved Left Arrow Shape.
CurvedUpArrow70 Curved Up Arrow Shape.
CurvedDownArrow71 Curved Down Arrow Shape.
SwooshArrow72 Swoosh Arrow Shape.
Cube73 Cube Shape.
Can74 Can Shape.
LightningBolt75 Lightning Bolt Shape.
Heart76 Heart Shape.
Sun77 Sun Shape.
Moon78 Moon Shape.
SmileyFace79 Smiley Face Shape.
IrregularSeal180 Irregular Seal 1 Shape.
IrregularSeal281 Irregular Seal 2 Shape.
FoldedCorner82 Folded Corner Shape.
Bevel83 Bevel Shape.
Frame84 Frame Shape.
HalfFrame85 Half Frame Shape.
Corner86 Corner Shape.
DiagonalStripe87 Diagonal Stripe Shape.
Chord88 Chord Shape.
CurvedArc89 Curved Arc Shape.
LeftBracket90 Left Bracket Shape.
RightBracket91 Right Bracket Shape.
LeftBrace92 Left Brace Shape.
RightBrace93 Right Brace Shape.
BracketPair94 Bracket Pair Shape.
BracePair95 Brace Pair Shape.
StraightConnector196 Straight Connector 1 Shape.
BentConnector297 Bent Connector 2 Shape.
BentConnector398 Bent Connector 3 Shape.
BentConnector499 Bent Connector 4 Shape.
BentConnector5100 Bent Connector 5 Shape.
CurvedConnector2101 Curved Connector 2 Shape.
CurvedConnector3102 Curved Connector 3 Shape.
CurvedConnector4103 Curved Connector 4 Shape.
CurvedConnector5104 Curved Connector 5 Shape.
Callout1105 Callout 1 Shape.
Callout2106 Callout 2 Shape.
Callout3107 Callout 3 Shape.
Callout1WithAccent108 Callout 1 with Accent Shape.
Callout2WithAccent109 Callout 2 with Accent Shape.
Callout3WithAccent110 Callout 3 with Accent Shape.
Callout1WithBorder111 Callout 1 with Border Shape.
Callout2WithBorder112 Callout 2 with Border Shape.
Callout3WithBorder113 Callout 3 with Border Shape.
Callout1WithBorderAndAccent114 Callout 1 with Border and Accent Shape.
Callout2WithBorderAndAccent115 Callout 2 with Border and Accent Shape.
Callout3WithBorderAndAccent116 Callout 3 with Border and Accent Shape.
CalloutWedgeRectangle117 Callout Wedge Rectangle Shape.
CalloutWedgeRoundRectangle118 Callout Wedge Round Rectangle Shape.
CalloutWedgeEllipse119 Callout Wedge Ellipse Shape.
CalloutCloud120 Callout Cloud Shape.
Cloud121 Cloud Shape.
Ribbon122 Ribbon Shape.
Ribbon2123 Ribbon 2 Shape.
EllipseRibbon124 Ellipse Ribbon Shape.
EllipseRibbon2125 Ellipse Ribbon 2 Shape.
LeftRightRibbon126 Left Right Ribbon Shape.
VerticalScroll127 Vertical Scroll Shape.
HorizontalScroll128 Horizontal Scroll Shape.
Wave129 Wave Shape.
DoubleWave130 Double Wave Shape.
Plus131 Plus Shape.
ProcessFlow132 Process Flow Shape.
DecisionFlow133 Decision Flow Shape.
InputOutputFlow134 Input Output Flow Shape.
PredefinedProcessFlow135 Predefined Process Flow Shape.
InternalStorageFlow136 Internal Storage Flow Shape.
DocumentFlow137 Document Flow Shape.
MultiDocumentFlow138 Multi-Document Flow Shape.
TerminatorFlow139 Terminator Flow Shape.
PreparationFlow140 Preparation Flow Shape.
ManualInputFlow141 Manual Input Flow Shape.
ManualOperationFlow142 Manual Operation Flow Shape.
ConnectorFlow143 Connector Flow Shape.
PunchedCardFlow144 Punched Card Flow Shape.
PunchedTapeFlow145 Punched Tape Flow Shape.
SummingJunctionFlow146 Summing Junction Flow Shape.
OrFlow147 Or Flow Shape.
CollateFlow148 Collate Flow Shape.
SortFlow149 Sort Flow Shape.
ExtractFlow150 Extract Flow Shape.
MergeFlow151 Merge Flow Shape.
OfflineStorageFlow152 Offline Storage Flow Shape.
OnlineStorageFlow153 Online Storage Flow Shape.
MagneticTapeFlow154 Magnetic Tape Flow Shape.
MagneticDiskFlow155 Magnetic Disk Flow Shape.
MagneticDrumFlow156 Magnetic Drum Flow Shape.
DisplayFlow157 Display Flow Shape.
DelayFlow158 Delay Flow Shape.
AlternateProcessFlow159 Alternate Process Flow Shape.
OffPageConnectorFlow160 Off-Page Connector Flow Shape.
BlankButton161 Blank Button Shape.
HomeButton162 Home Button Shape.
HelpButton163 Help Button Shape.
InformationButton164 Information Button Shape.
ForwardOrNextButton165 Forward or Next Button Shape.
BackOrPreviousButton166 Back or Previous Button Shape.
EndButton167 End Button Shape.
BeginningButton168 Beginning Button Shape.
ReturnButton169 Return Button Shape.
DocumentButton170 Document Button Shape.
SoundButton171 Sound Button Shape.
MovieButton172 Movie Button Shape.
Gear6173 Gear 6 Shape.
Gear9174 Gear 9 Shape.
Funnel175 Funnel Shape.
PlusMath176 Plus Math Shape.
MinusMath177 Minus Math Shape.
MultiplyMath178 Multiply Math Shape.
DivideMath179 Divide Math Shape.
EqualMath180 Equal Math Shape.
NotEqualMath181 Not Equal Math Shape.
CornerTabs182 Corner Tabs Shape.
SquareTabs183 Square Tabs Shape.
PlaqueTabs184 Plaque Tabs Shape.
ChartX185 Chart X Shape.
ChartStar186 Chart Star Shape.
ChartPlus187 Chart Plus Shape.
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