Presentation Properties

The Presentation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllCustomXmlParts
Returns all custom data parts in the presentaion. Read-only ICustomXmlPart[].
Public propertyAudios
Returns the collection of all embedded audio files in the presentation. Read-only IAudioCollection.
Public propertyCommentAuthors
Returns the collection of comments autors. Read-only ICommentAuthorCollection.
Public propertyCurrentDateTime
Returns or sets date and time which will substitute content of datetime fields. Time of this Presentation object creation by default. Read/write DateTime.
Public propertyCustomData
Returns the presentation's custom data. Read-only ICustomData.
Public propertyDefaultTextStyle
Returns default text style for shapes. Read-only ITextStyle.
Public propertyCode exampleDigitalSignatures
Returns the collection of signatures used to sign the presentation. Read-only IDigitalSignatureCollection.
Public propertyDocumentProperties
Returns DocumentProperties object which contains standard and custom document properties. Read-only IDocumentProperties.
Public propertyFirstSlideNumber
Represents the first slide number in the presentation
Public propertyFontsManager
Returns fonts manager. Read-only IFontsManager.
Public propertyHeaderFooterManager
Returns actual HeaderFooter manager. Read-only IPresentationHeaderFooterManager.
Public propertyHyperlinkQueries
Provides easy access to all hyperlinks contained in all presentation slides (not in master, layout, notes slides). Read-only IHyperlinkQueries.
Public propertyImages
Returns the collection of all images in the presentation. Read-only IImageCollection.
Public propertyLayoutSlides
Returns a list of all layout slides that are defined in the presentation. Read-only IGlobalLayoutSlideCollection.
Public propertyMasterHandoutSlideManager
Returns handout master manager. Read-only IMasterHandoutSlideManager.
Public propertyMasterNotesSlideManager
Returns notes master manager. Read-only IMasterNotesSlideManager.
Public propertyMasters
Returns a list of all master slides that are defined in the presentation. Read-only IMasterSlideCollection.
Public propertyMasterTheme
Returns master theme. Read-only IMasterTheme.
Public propertyNotesSize
Returns notes slide size object. Read-only INotesSize.
Public propertyProtectionManager
Gets manager of the permissions for this presentation. Read-only IProtectionManager.
Public propertySections
Returns a list of all slides sections that are defined in the presentation. Read-only ISectionCollection.
Public propertySlides
Returns a list of all slides that are defined in the presentation. Read-only ISlideCollection.
Public propertySlideSize
Returns slide size object. Read-only ISlideSize.
Public propertySourceFormat
Returns information about from which format presentation was loaded. Read-only SourceFormat.
Public propertyVbaProject
Gets or sets VBA project with presentation macros. Read/write IVbaProject.
Public propertyVideos
Returns the collection of all embedded video files in the presentation. Read-only IVideoCollection.
Public propertyViewProperties
Gets presentation wide view properties. Read-only IViewProperties.
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