IParagraph Interface

Represents a paragraph of a text.

Namespace:  Aspose.Slides
Assembly:  Aspose.Slides (in Aspose.Slides.dll) Version: (22.1)
public interface IParagraph : ISlideComponent, 

The IParagraph type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAsIPresentationComponent
Allows to get base IPresentationComponent interface. Read-only IPresentationComponent.
(Inherited from ISlideComponent.)
Public propertyAsISlideComponent
Allows to get base ISlideComponent interface. Read-only ISlideComponent.
Public propertyEndParagraphPortionFormat
Specifies the portion properties that are to be used if another portion is inserted after the last one.
Public propertyParagraphFormat
Returns the formatting object for this paragraph. Read-only IParagraphFormat.
Public propertyPortions
Returns the collection of a text portions. Read-only IPortionCollection.
Public propertyPresentation
Returns the presentation. Read-only IPresentation.
(Inherited from IPresentationComponent.)
Public propertySlide
Returns the base slide. Read-only IBaseSlide.
(Inherited from ISlideComponent.)
Public propertyText
Gets or sets the the plain text of a paragraph. Read/write String.
Public methodGetRect
Get coordinates of rect that bounds paragraph. The rect includes all the lines of text in paragraph, including empty ones.
Public methodJoinPortionsWithSameFormatting
Joins runs with same formatting.
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