IFontFallBackRulesCollection Interface

Represents a collection of FontFallBack rules, defined by user

Namespace:  Aspose.Slides
Assembly:  Aspose.Slides (in Aspose.Slides.dll) Version: (22.5)
public interface IFontFallBackRulesCollection : IGenericCollection<IFontFallBackRule>, 
	IEnumerable<IFontFallBackRule>, IEnumerable, ICollection

The IFontFallBackRulesCollection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAsICollection
Returns ICollection interface.
(Inherited from IGenericCollectionT.)
Public propertyAsIEnumerable
Returns IEnumerable interface. Read-only IEnumerable.
(Inherited from IGenericCollectionT.)
Public propertyCount
Gets the number of elements contained in the ICollection.
(Inherited from ICollection.)
Public propertyIsSynchronized
Gets a value indicating whether access to the ICollection is synchronized (thread safe).
(Inherited from ICollection.)
Public propertyCode exampleItem
Gets the rule at the specified index. Read-only IFontFallBackRule.
Public propertySyncRoot
Gets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the ICollection.
(Inherited from ICollection.)
Public methodCode exampleAdd
Add a new FallBack rule to the end of the collection.
Public methodCopyTo
Copies the elements of the ICollection to an Array, starting at a particular Array index.
(Inherited from ICollection.)
Public methodGetEnumerator
Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
(Inherited from IEnumerableIFontFallBackRule.)
Public methodCode exampleRemove
Removes the first occurrence of a specific FallBack rule from the collection.
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