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MathFunctionsOfOneArgument Enumeration

Common mathematical functions of one argument

Namespace:  Aspose.Slides.MathText
Assembly:  Aspose.Slides (in Aspose.Slides.dll) Version: (20.11)
public enum MathFunctionsOfOneArgument
  Member nameValueDescription
Sin0 Sine
Cos1 Cosine
Tan2 Tangent
Csc3 Сosecant
Sec4 Secant
Cot5 Cotangent
HyperbolicSin6 Hyperbolic sine
HyperbolicCos7 Hyperbolic Cosine
HyperbolicTan8 Hyperbolic Tangent
HyperbolicCsc9 Hyperbolic Сosecant
HyperbolicSec10 Hyperbolic Secant
HyperbolicCot11 Hyperbolic Cotangent
Lg12 Decimal logarithm
Ln13 Natural logarithm
ArcSin14 Arcsine
ArcCos15 Arccosine
ArcTan16 Arctangent
ArcCsc17 Arccosecant
ArcSec18 Arcsecant
ArcCot19 Arccotangent
HyperbolicArcSin20 Hyperbolic arcsine
HyperbolicArcCos21 Hyperbolic arccosine
HyperbolicArcTan22 Hyperbolic arctangent
HyperbolicArcCsc23 Hyperbolic arccosecant
HyperbolicArcSec24 Hyperbolic arcsecant
HyperbolicArcCot25 Hyperbolic arccotangent
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