SVGOptions Properties

The SVGOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberDefault
Returns default settings. Read-only SVGOptions.
Public propertyCode exampleDefaultRegularFont
Returns or sets font used in case source font is not found. Read-write String.
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertyDeletePicturesCroppedAreas
A boolean flag indicates if the cropped parts remain as part of the document. If true the cropped parts will removed, if false they will be serialized in the document (which can possible lead to a larger file)
Public propertyDisable3DText
Determines whether the 3D text is disabled in SVG. Read/write Boolean.
Public propertyDisableGradientSplit
Disables splitting FromCornerX and FromCenter gradients. Read/write Boolean.
Public propertyDisableLineEndCropping
SVG 1.1 lacks ability to define insets for markers. Aspose.Slides SVG writing engine has workaround for that problem: it crops end of line with arrow, so, line doesn't overlap markers. This option switches off such behavior. Read/write Boolean.
Public propertyExternalFontsHandling
Determines a way of handling externally loaded fonts. Read/write SvgExternalFontsHandling.
Public propertyJpegQuality
Determines JPEG encoding quality. Read/write Int32.
Public propertyMetafileRasterizationDpi
Returns or sets the lower resolution limit for metafile rasterization. Read/write Int32.
Public propertyPicturesCompression
Represents the pictures compression level
Public propertyProgressCallback
Represents a callback object for saving progress updates in percentage. See IProgressCallback.
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertyShapeFormattingController
Returns and sets a callback interface which allows user to control shape conversion. Read/write ISvgShapeFormattingController.
Public propertyStatic memberSimple
Returns settings for simpliest and smallest SVG file generation. Read-only SVGOptions.
Public propertyVectorizeText
Determines whether the text on a slide will be saved as graphics. Read/write Boolean.
Public propertyWarningCallback
Returns of sets an object which receives warnings and decides whether loading process will continue or will be aborted. Read/write IWarningCallback.
(Inherited from SaveOptions.)
Public propertyStatic memberWYSIWYG
Returns settings for most accurate SVG file generation. Read-only SVGOptions.
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