IHtmlOptions Properties

The IHtmlOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAsISaveOptions
Returns ISaveOptions interface. Read-only ISaveOptions.
Public propertyCode exampleDefaultRegularFont
Returns or sets font used in case source font is not found. Read-write String.
(Inherited from ISaveOptions.)
Public propertyDeletePicturesCroppedAreas
A boolean flag indicates if the cropped parts remain as part of the document. If true the cropped parts will removed, if false they will be serialized in the document (which can possible lead to a larger file) Read/write Boolean.
Public propertyHtmlFormatter
Returns or sets HTML template. Read/write IHtmlFormatter.
Public propertyJpegQuality
Returns or sets a value determining the quality of the JPEG images inside PDF document. Read/write Byte.
Public propertyNotesCommentsLayouting
Provides options that control how notes and comments is placed in exported document.
Public propertyPicturesCompression
Represents the pictures compression level Read/write PicturesCompression.
Public propertyProgressCallback
Represents a callback object for saving progress updates in percentage. See IProgressCallback.
(Inherited from ISaveOptions.)
Public propertyShowHiddenSlides
Specifies whether the generated document should include hidden slides or not. Default is false.
Public propertySlideImageFormat
Returns or sets slide image format options. Read/write ISlideImageFormat.
Public propertySvgResponsiveLayout
True to exclude width and height attributes from SVG container - that will make layout responsive. False - otherwise. Read/write Boolean.
Public propertyWarningCallback
Returns or sets an object which receives warnings and decides whether loading process will continue or will be aborted. Read/write IWarningCallback.
(Inherited from ISaveOptions.)
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