IOverridableText Interface

Represents overridable text for a chart.

Namespace:  Aspose.Slides.Charts
Assembly:  Aspose.Slides (in Aspose.Slides.dll) Version: (21.12)
public interface IOverridableText : IFormattedTextContainer, 
	IChartComponent, ISlideComponent, IPresentationComponent

The IOverridableText type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAsIChartComponent
Returns IChartComponent interface. Read-only IChartComponent.
(Inherited from IFormattedTextContainer.)
Public propertyAsIFormattedTextContainer
Allows to get base IFormattedTextContainer interface. Read-only IFormattedTextContainer.
Public propertyAsIPresentationComponent
Allows to get base IPresentationComponent interface. Read-only IPresentationComponent.
(Inherited from ISlideComponent.)
Public propertyAsISlideComponent
Allows to get base ISlideComponent interface. Read-only ISlideComponent.
(Inherited from IChartComponent.)
Public propertyChart
Returns the chart. Read-only IChart.
(Inherited from IChartComponent.)
Public propertyPresentation
Returns the presentation. Read-only IPresentation.
(Inherited from IPresentationComponent.)
Public propertySlide
Returns the base slide. Read-only IBaseSlide.
(Inherited from ISlideComponent.)
Public propertyTextFormat
Returns chart text format. Read-only IChartTextFormat.
(Inherited from IFormattedTextContainer.)
Public propertyTextFrameForOverriding
Can contain a rich formatted text. If this property is not null then this formatted text value overrides auto-generated text. Auto-generated text is an implicit property of the data label, the display unit label of the value axis, the axis title, the chart title, the label of the trendline. Auto-generated text is formatted with the IFormattedTextContainer.TextFormat property. Read-only ITextFrame.
Public methodAddTextFrameForOverriding
Initialize TextFrameForOverriding with the text in paramener "text". If TextFrameForOverriding is already initialized then simply changes its text.
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