IChart Methods

The IChart type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddPlaceholder
Adds a new placeholder if there is no and sets placeholder properties to a specified one.
(Inherited from IShape.)
Public methodCreateThemeEffective
Returns an effective theme for this themeable object.
(Inherited from IThemeable.)
Public methodGetThumbnail
Returns shape thumbnail. ShapeThumbnailBounds.Shape shape thumbnail bounds type is used by default.
(Inherited from IShape.)
Public methodGetThumbnail(ShapeThumbnailBounds, Single, Single)
Returns shape thumbnail.
(Inherited from IShape.)
Public methodRemovePlaceholder
Defines that this shape isn't a placeholder.
(Inherited from IShape.)
Public methodValidateChartLayout
Calculates actual values of chart elements. Actual values inlude position of elements that implement IActualLayout interface (IActualLayout.ActualX, IActualLayout.ActualY, IActualLayout.ActualWidth, IActualLayout.ActualHeight) and actual axes values (IAxis.ActualMaxValue, IAxis.ActualMinValue, IAxis.ActualMajorUnit, IAxis.ActualMinorUnit, IAxis.ActualMajorUnitScale, IAxis.ActualMinorUnitScale)
Public methodWriteAsSvg(Stream)
Saves content of Shape as SVG file.
(Inherited from IShape.)
Public methodWriteAsSvg(Stream, ISVGOptions)
Saves content of Shape as SVG file.
(Inherited from IShape.)
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