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ChartType Enumeration

Represents a type of chart.

Namespace:  Aspose.Slides.Charts
Assembly:  Aspose.Slides (in Aspose.Slides.dll) Version: (22.5)
public enum ChartType
  Member nameValueDescription
ClusteredColumn0 Represents Clustered Column Chart.
StackedColumn1 Represents Stacked Column Chart.
PercentsStackedColumn2 Represents 100% Stacked Column Chart.
ClusteredColumn3D3 Represents 3D Colustered Column Chart.
StackedColumn3D4 Represents 3D Stacked Column Chart.
PercentsStackedColumn3D5 Represents 3D 100% Stacked Column Chart.
Column3D6 Represents 3D Column Chart.
ClusteredCylinder7 Represents Cylinder Chart.
StackedCylinder8 Represents Stacked Cylinder Chart.
PercentsStackedCylinder9 Represents 100% Stacked Cylinder Chart.
Cylinder3D10 Represents 3D Cylindrical Column Chart.
ClusteredCone11 Represents Cone Chart.
StackedCone12 Represents Stacked Cone Chart.
PercentsStackedCone13 Represents 100% Stacked Cone Chart.
Cone3D14 Represents 3D Conical Column Chart.
ClusteredPyramid15 Represents Pyramid Chart.
StackedPyramid16 Represents Stacked Pyramid Chart.
PercentsStackedPyramid17 Represents 100% Stacked Pyramid Chart.
Pyramid3D18 Represents 3D Pyramid Column Chart.
Line19 Represents Line Chart.
StackedLine20 Represents Stacked Line Chart.
PercentsStackedLine21 Represents 100% Stacked Line Chart.
LineWithMarkers22 Represents Line Chart with data markers.
StackedLineWithMarkers23 Represents Stacked Line Chart with data markers.
PercentsStackedLineWithMarkers24 Represents 100% Stacked Line Chart with data markers.
Line3D25 Represents 3D Line Chart.
Pie26 Represents Pie Chart.
Pie3D27 Represents 3D Pie Chart.
PieOfPie28 Represents Pie of Pie Chart.
ExplodedPie29 Represents Exploded Pie Chart.
ExplodedPie3D30 Represents 3D Exploded Pie Chart.
BarOfPie31 Represents Bar of Pie Chart.
PercentsStackedBar32 Represents 100% Stacked Bar Chart.
ClusteredBar3D33 Represents 3D Colustered Bar Chart.
ClusteredBar34 Represents Clustered Bar Chart.
StackedBar35 Represents Stacked Bar Chart.
StackedBar3D36 Represents 3D Stacked Bar Chart.
PercentsStackedBar3D37 Represents 3D 100% Stacked Bar Chart.
ClusteredHorizontalCylinder38 Represents Cylindrical Bar Chart.
StackedHorizontalCylinder39 Represents Stacked Cylindrical Bar Chart.
PercentsStackedHorizontalCylinder40 Represents 100% Stacked Cylindrical Bar Chart.
ClusteredHorizontalCone41 Represents Conical Bar Chart.
StackedHorizontalCone42 Represents Stacked Conical Bar Chart.
PercentsStackedHorizontalCone43 Represents 100% Stacked Conical Bar Chart.
ClusteredHorizontalPyramid44 Represents Pyramid Bar Chart.
StackedHorizontalPyramid45 Represents Stacked Pyramid Bar Chart.
PercentsStackedHorizontalPyramid46 Represents 100% Stacked Pyramid Bar Chart.
Area47 Represents Area Chart.
StackedArea48 Represents Stacked Area Chart.
PercentsStackedArea49 Represents 100% Stacked Area Chart.
Area3D50 Represents 3D Area Chart.
StackedArea3D51 Represents 3D Stacked Area Chart.
PercentsStackedArea3D52 Represents 3D 100% Stacked Area Chart.
ScatterWithMarkers53 Represents Scatter Chart.
ScatterWithSmoothLinesAndMarkers54 Represents Scatter Chart connected by curves, with data markers.
ScatterWithSmoothLines55 Represents Scatter Chart connected by curves, without data markers.
ScatterWithStraightLinesAndMarkers56 Represents Scatter Chart connected by lines, with data markers.
ScatterWithStraightLines57 Represents Scatter Chart connected by lines, without data markers.
HighLowClose58 Represents High-Low-Close Stock Chart.
OpenHighLowClose59 Represents Open-High-Low-Close Stock Chart.
VolumeHighLowClose60 Represents Volume-High-Low-Close Stock Chart.
VolumeOpenHighLowClose61 Represents Volume-Open-High-Low-Close Stock Chart.
Surface3D62 Represents 3D Surface Chart.
WireframeSurface3D63 Represents Wireframe 3D Surface Chart.
Contour64 Represents Contour Chart.
WireframeContour65 Represents Wireframe Contour Chart.
Doughnut66 Represents Doughnut Chart.
ExplodedDoughnut67 Represents Exploded Doughnut Chart.
Bubble68 Represents Bubble Chart.
BubbleWith3D69 Represents 3D Bubble Chart.
Radar70 Represents Radar Chart.
RadarWithMarkers71 Represents Radar Chart with data markers.
FilledRadar72 Represents Filled Radar Chart.
SeriesOfMixedTypes73 This value only can be returned by ChartEx.Type property. It mean that chart has series of mixed types.
Treemap74 Represents Treemap chart.
Sunburst75 Represents Sunburst chart.
Histogram76 Represents Histogram chart.
ParetoLine77 Represents Pareto line series type (Histogram Pareto chart).
BoxAndWhisker78 Represents BoxAndWhisker chart.
Waterfall79 Represents Waterfall chart.
Funnel80 Represents Funnel chart.
Map81 Represents Map chart.
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