ChartSeriesGroup Class

Represents group of series.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.Slides.Charts
Assembly:  Aspose.Slides (in Aspose.Slides.dll) Version: (21.12)
public class ChartSeriesGroup : IChartSeriesGroup, 
	IChartComponent, ISlideComponent, IPresentationComponent

The ChartSeriesGroup type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBubbleSizeRepresentation
Specifies how the bubble size values are represented on the bubble chart. Read/write BubbleSizeRepresentationType.
Public propertyBubbleSizeScale
Specifies the scale factor for the bubble chart (can be between 0 and 300 percents of the default size). Read/write Int32.
Public propertyChart
Returns the parent chart. Read-only IChart.
Public propertyDoughnutHoleSize
Specifies the size of the hole in a doughnut chart (can be between 0 and 90 percents of the size of the plot area.). Read/write Byte.
Public propertyFirstSliceAngle
Gets or sets the angle of the first pie or doughnut chart slice, in degrees (clockwise from up, from 0 to 360 degrees). Read/write UInt16.
Public propertyGapDepth
Returns or sets the distance, as a percentage of the marker width, between the data series in a 3D chart. Read/write UInt16.
Public propertyGapWidth
Specifies the space between bar or column clusters, as a percentage of the bar or column width. Read/write UInt16.
Public propertyHasSeriesLines
True if chart has series lines. Applied to stacked bar and OfPie charts. Read/write Boolean.
Public propertyHiLowLinesFormat
Specifies HiLowLines format. HiLowLines applied with HiLowClose, OpenHiLowClose, VolumeHiLowClose and VolumeOpenHiLowClose chart types.
Public propertyIsColorVaried
Specifies that each data marker in the series has a different color. Read/write Boolean.
Public propertyItem
Gets the element at the specified index.
Public propertyOverlap
Specifies how much bars and columns shall overlap on 2-D charts (from -100 to 100). Read/write SByte.
Public propertyPieSplitBy
Specifies how to determine which data points are in the second pie or bar on a pie-of-pie or bar-of-pie chart. Read/write PieSplitType.
Public propertyPieSplitCustomPoints
The custom split information for a pie-of-pie or bar-of-pie chart with a custom split. Contains data points that shall be drawn in the second pie or bar in a pie-of-pie or bar-of-pie chart. Read-only PieSplitCustomPointCollection.
Public propertyPieSplitPosition
Specifies a value that shall be used to determine which data points are in the second pie or bar on a pie-of-pie or bar-of-pie chart. Is used together with PieSplitBy property. Read/write Double.
Public propertyPlotOnSecondAxis
Indicates if series of this group is plotted on secondary axis. Read-only Boolean.
Public propertySecondPieSize
Specifies the size of the second pie or bar of a pie-of-pie chart or a bar-of-pie chart, as a percentage of the size of the first pie (can be between 5 and 200 percents). Read/write UInt16.
Public propertySeries
Returns a collection of series. Read-only IChartSeriesReadonlyCollection.
Public propertyType
Returns a type of this series group. Read-only CombinableSeriesTypesGroup.
Public propertyUpDownBars
Provede access to up/down bars of Line- or Stock-chart. Read-only IUpDownBarsManager.
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1) See summary and remarks for ChartSeriesGroupCollection class and CombinableSeriesTypesGroup enum. 2) Group of series contains some series properies whitch is common for each series in group ("series group properties"). "Series group properties" in ChartSeriesGroup class is read/write. Each of "series group properties" can have a read-only projection in ChartSeries class.
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