System::StringHashCompiletime< i > Class Template Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void Hash (uint32_t &hash, int strLen, const char_t *input)

Detailed Description

template<unsigned i>
class System::StringHashCompiletime< i >

A helper class that generates a hash value from a c-string.

Template Parameters
iThe length of the string for which the hash value has to be generated.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Hash()

template<unsigned i>
static void System::StringHashCompiletime< i >::Hash ( uint32_t &  hash,
int  strLen,
const char_t *  input 

Generates a hash value from the specified c-string of the specified length.

inputA pointer to the beginning of the c-string.
strLenThe length of the specified c-string
hashThe output parameter, which contains the resulting hash value on method return