TypeToolStyleInfo Class
Type tool style information.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Aspose.PSD.FileFormats.Psd.Layers.LayerResources
Assembly: Aspose.PSD (in Aspose.PSD.dll) Version: 21.11
public class TypeToolStyleInfo

The TypeToolStyleInfo type exposes the following members.

Public methodTypeToolStyleInfo
Initializes a new instance of the TypeToolStyleInfo class
Public propertyAutoKern
Gets or sets a value indicating whether auto kerning is on or off.
Public propertyBaseShiftValue
Gets or sets the base shift value.
Public propertyFaceMarkValue
Gets or sets the face mark value.
Public propertyKerningValue
Gets or sets the kerning value.
Public propertyLeadingValue
Gets or sets the leading value.
Public propertyMarkValue
Gets or sets the mark value.
Public propertyRotateDown
Gets or sets a value indicating whether it is a rotate down style.
Public propertySizeValue
Gets or sets the size value.
Public propertyTrackingValue
Gets or sets the tracking value.
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Public methodSave
Saves the TypeToolFontInfo information to the specified stream container.
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