TypeToolInfo6Resource Class
The type tool information. For PSD version higher or equal to the 6.0.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Aspose.PSD.FileFormats.Psd.Layers.LayerResources
Assembly: Aspose.PSD (in Aspose.PSD.dll) Version: 21.12
public class TypeToolInfo6Resource : LayerResource

The TypeToolInfo6Resource type exposes the following members.

Public methodTypeToolInfo6Resource
Initializes a new instance of the TypeToolInfo6Resource class.
Public propertyBottom
Gets or sets the bottom location.
Public propertyClassID
Gets or sets the class ID.
Public propertyClassName
Gets or sets the class name.
Public propertyDescriptorVersion
Gets or sets the descriptor version.
Public propertyItems
Gets or sets the items.
Public propertyKey
Gets the layer resource key.
(Overrides LayerResourceKey.)
Public propertyLeft
Gets or sets the left location.
Public propertyLength
Gets the layer resource length in bytes.
(Overrides LayerResourceLength.)
Public propertyPsdVersion
Gets the minimal psd version required for layer resource. 0 indicates no restrictions.
(Overrides LayerResourcePsdVersion.)
Public propertyRight
Gets or sets the right location.
Public propertySignature
Gets the layer resource signature.
(Overrides LayerResourceSignature.)
Public propertyTextVersion
Gets or sets the text version.
Public propertyTop
Gets or sets the top location.
Public propertyTransformMatrix
Gets or sets the transform matrix.
Public propertyVersion
Gets or sets the type tool version.
Public propertyWarpClassID
Gets or sets the class ID.
Public propertyWarpClassName
Gets or sets the warp class name.
Public propertyWarpDescriptorVersion
Gets or sets the warp descriptor version.
Public propertyWarpItems
Gets or sets the warp items.
Public propertyWarpVersion
Gets or sets the warp version.
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Public methodSave
Saves the resource to the specified stream container.
(Overrides LayerResourceSave(StreamContainer, Int32).)
Protected methodSaveResourceHeader
Saves the resource header.
(Inherited from LayerResource.)
Public methodToString
Returns a String that represents this instance.
(Inherited from LayerResource.)
Public fieldStatic memberTypeToolKey
The type tool info key.
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