Aspose.PSD.FileFormats.Psd.Layers.LayerResources.TypeToolInfoStructures Namespace
The namespace contains PSD file format type tool resource entities.
Public classAliasStructure
The alias structure.
Public classBooleanStructure
The boolean structure.
Public classClassStructure
The class structure.
Public classDescriptorStructure
The descriptor structure
Public classDoubleStructure
The double structure.
Public classEnumeratedDescriptorStructure
The enumerated descriptor structure.
Public classEnumeratedReferenceStructure
Enumerated reference structure.
Public classIntegerStructure
The integer structure.
Public classListStructure
The list structure.
Public classCode exampleObjectArrayStructure
Defines the ObjectArrayStructure class that usually holds UnitArrayStructure array. It is used in the PSD file resources, such as PlLd Resource and SoLd Resource.
Public classOffsetStructure
The offset structure.
Public classPropertyStructure
The property structure.
Public classRawDataStructure
The raw data structure.
Public classReferenceStructure
The reference structure.
Public classStringStructure
The string structure.
Public classCode exampleUnitArrayStructure
Defines the UnitArrayStructure class that holds Double values array and their measure unit. It is used in the PSD file resources, usually by ObjectArrayStructure.
Public classUnitStructure
The unit structure.
Public classUnknownStructure
The unknown structure.
Public enumerationUnitTypes
The unit types.