InnerShadowEffect Class
Inner Shadow Layer effect
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Aspose.PSD.FileFormats.Psd.Layers.LayerEffects
Assembly: Aspose.PSD (in Aspose.PSD.dll) Version: 21.10
public class InnerShadowEffect : ILayerEffect, 

The InnerShadowEffect type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAngle
Gets or sets the angle in degrees.
Public propertyBlendMode
Gets or sets the blend mode.
Public propertyColor
Gets or sets the color.
Public propertyDistance
Gets or sets the distance in pixels.
Public propertyIsVisible
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is visible.
Public propertyNoise
Gets or sets the noise.
Public propertyOpacity
Gets or sets the opacity.
Public propertySize
Gets or sets the blur value in pixels.
Public propertySpread
Gets or sets the spread (choke) as percentage.
Public propertyUseGlobalLight
Gets or sets a value indicating whether [use this angle in all of the layer effects].
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The following code demonstrates how to change settings of the Inner Shadow Layer Effect.

string sourceFile = "example.psd";
string outputFile = "sample_out.psd";

// Load an existing image into an instance of PsdImage class
var loadOptions = new PsdLoadOptions();
loadOptions.LoadEffectsResource = true;
using (var image = (PsdImage)Image.Load(sourceFile, loadOptions))
    var layer = image.Layers[image.Layers.Length - 1];
    var shadowEffect = (IShadowEffect)layer.BlendingOptions.Effects[0];

    shadowEffect.Color = Color.Green;
    shadowEffect.Opacity = 128;
    shadowEffect.Distance = 1;
    shadowEffect.UseGlobalLight = false;
    shadowEffect.Size = 2;
    shadowEffect.Angle = 45;
    shadowEffect.Spread = 50;
    shadowEffect.Noise = 5;

    image.Save(outputFile, new PsdOptions(image));
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