AiRasterImageSection Class
The AI Raster Image Section
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Aspose.PSD.FileFormats.Ai
Assembly: Aspose.PSD (in Aspose.PSD.dll) Version: 22.5
public sealed class AiRasterImageSection

The AiRasterImageSection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAngle
Gets the angle.
Public propertyHeight
Gets the height.
Public propertyImageRectangle
Gets the image rectangle.
Public propertyLeftBottomShift
Gets the left bottom shift.
Public propertyName
Gets the name of the raster image.
Public propertyOffsetX
Gets the offset X.
Public propertyOffsetY
Gets the offset Y.
Public propertyPixels
Gets the array of int color pixels.
Public propertyWidth
Gets the width.
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The following code demonstrates how to load settings of Raster Images in AI Format Files.

const double DefaultTolerance = 1e-6;

void AssertIsTrue(bool condition, string message)
    if (!condition)
        throw new FormatException(message);

string sourceFile = "";
using (AiImage image = (AiImage)Image.Load(sourceFile))
    AiLayerSection layer = image.Layers[0];

    AssertIsTrue(layer.RasterImages != null, "RasterImages property should be not null");
    AssertIsTrue(layer.RasterImages.Length == 1, "RasterImages property should contain exactly one item");

    AiRasterImageSection rasterImage = layer.RasterImages[0];
    AssertIsTrue(rasterImage.Pixels != null, "rasterImage.Pixels property should be not null");
    AssertIsTrue(rasterImage.Pixels.Length == 100, "rasterImage.Pixels property should contain exactly 100 items");
    AssertIsTrue((uint)rasterImage.Pixels[99] == 0xFFB21616, "rasterImage.Pixels[99] should be 0xFFB21616");
    AssertIsTrue((uint)rasterImage.Pixels[19] == 0xFF00FF00, "rasterImage.Pixels[19] should be 0xFF00FF00");
    AssertIsTrue((uint)rasterImage.Pixels[10] == 0xFF01FD00, "rasterImage.Pixels[10] should be 0xFF01FD00");
    AssertIsTrue((uint)rasterImage.Pixels[0] == 0xFF0000FF, "rasterImage.Pixels[0] should be 0xFF0000FF");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(0.999875 - rasterImage.Width) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.Width should be 0.99987");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(0.999875 - rasterImage.Height) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.Height should be 0.99987");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(387 - rasterImage.OffsetX) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.OffsetX should be 387");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(379 - rasterImage.OffsetY) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.OffsetY should be 379");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(0 - rasterImage.Angle) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.Angle should be 0");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(0 - rasterImage.LeftBottomShift) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.LeftBottomShift should be 0");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(0 - rasterImage.ImageRectangle.X) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.ImageRectangle.X should be 0");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(0 - rasterImage.ImageRectangle.Y) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.ImageRectangle.Y should be 0");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(10 - rasterImage.ImageRectangle.Width) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.ImageRectangle.Width should be 10");
    AssertIsTrue(Math.Abs(10 - rasterImage.ImageRectangle.Height) < DefaultTolerance, "rasterImage.ImageRectangle.Height should be 10");
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