Interface ITextPortion

  • public interface ITextPortion

    Interface to manipulate text portions

    Code example:

    An example of applying different text styles to a single text layer of a PSD file. It modifies the text style of an existing text layer and adds to one a few new text portions styled differently then saves a changed copy of the document as a new PSD file.

    String inPsdFilePath = "text212.psd";
    String outPsdFilePath = "Output_text212.psd";
    // Load a PSD file containing predefined text layers
    PsdImage psdImage = (PsdImage)Image.load(inPsdFilePath);
        // Obtain a text container of a first layer
        TextLayer textLayer = (TextLayer)psdImage.getLayers()[1];
        IText textData = textLayer.getTextData();
        // Define a default text style
        ITextStyle defaultStyle = textData.producePortion().getStyle();
        // Define a default text paragraph
        ITextParagraph defaultParagraph = textData.producePortion().getParagraph();
        // Style an existing text portion
        // Create a few new text portions with default styling
        ITextPortion[] newTextPortions = textData.producePortions(new String[] {
                "E=mc",  "2\r",  "Bold",  "Italic\r",  "Lowercasetext" },
                defaultStyle, defaultParagraph);
        // Style the text portions differently
        newTextPortions[0].getStyle().setUnderline(true); // edit text style of "E=mc"
        newTextPortions[1].getStyle().setFontBaseline(FontBaseline.Superscript); // edit text style of "2\r"
        newTextPortions[2].getStyle().setFauxBold(true); // edit text style of "Bold"
        newTextPortions[3].getStyle().setFauxItalic(true); // edit text style of "Italic\r"
        newTextPortions[3].getStyle().setBaselineShift(-25); // edit text style of "Italic\r"
        newTextPortions[4].getStyle().setFontCaps(FontCaps.SmallCaps); // edit text style of "Lowercasetext"
        // Bind the text portions to the text layer
        for (ITextPortion newTextPortion : newTextPortions)
        // Apply changes defined in the text portions to the text layer
        // Save a copy of loaded PSD file including the changes on the specified path;

    • Method Detail

      • getText

        String getText()

        Gets or sets the text.

        Value: The text.
      • setText

        void setText(String value)

        Gets or sets the text.

        Value: The text.
      • getStyle

        ITextStyle getStyle()

        Gets the style.

        Value: The style.
      • getParagraph

        ITextParagraph getParagraph()

        Sets the style.

        Value: The paragraph.