Page Properties

The Page type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActions
Gets collection of page properties.
Public propertyAnnotations
Gets collection of page annotations. Annotations
Public propertyCode exampleArtBox
Gets or sets art box of the page.
Public propertyArtifacts
Gets collection of artifacts on the page.
Public propertyBackground
Gets or sets the background color of the page.
Public propertyBackgroundImage
Gets or sets background image for page (for generator only).
Public propertyCode exampleBleedBox
Gets or sets bleed box of the page.
Public propertyColorType
Sets color type of the pages based on information getting from operators SetColor, images and forms.
Public propertyCode exampleContents
Gets collection of operators in the content stream of the page. OperatorCollection
Public propertyCode exampleCropBox
Gets or sets crop box of the page.
Public propertyCode exampleDuration
Gets of set page display duration. This is time in seconds that page shall be displayed during presentation. Returs -1 if duration is not defined.
Public propertyFieldsInTabOrder
Gets list of Field object in Tab order on this page.
Public propertyFooter
Gets or sets page footer.
Public propertyGroup
Gets or sets a group attributes class specifying the attributes of the page�s page group for use in the transparent imaging model.
Public propertyHeader
Gets or sets page header.
Public propertyLayers
Gets or sets layers collection.
Public propertyCode exampleMediaBox
Gets or sets media box of the page.
Public propertyNoteLineStyle
Gets or sets the line style for notes.(for generator only)
Public propertyNumber
Get number of the page.
Public propertyPageInfo
Gets or sets the page info.(for generator only)
Public propertyParagraphs
Gets the paragraphs.
Public propertyCode exampleRect
Gets or sets rectangle of the page. Page crop box is returned if specified, otherwise page media box is returned. Please note that this property don't consider page rotation. To get page rectangle considering rotation please use ActualRect.
Public propertyCode exampleResources
Gets page resources. Resources object contains collections of images, forms and fonts. Resources
Public propertyCode exampleRotate
Gets or sets rotation of the page.
Public propertyRotationMatrix
Gets transofmation matrix for the page.
Public propertyTabOrder
Gets or sets tab order of the page. Possible values: Row, Column. Default, Manual
Public propertyTocInfo
Gets or sets table of contents info.
Public propertyCode exampleTrimBox
Gets or sets trim box of the page.
Public propertyWatermark
Gets or sets the watermark of the page.
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