Document Properties

The Document type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCode exampleActions
Gets document actions. This property is instance of DocumentActions class which allows to get/set BeforClosing, BeforSaving, etc. actions.
Public propertyAllowReusePageContent
Allows to merge page contents to optimize docuement size. If used then differnet but duplicated pages may reference to the same content object. Please note that this mode may cause side effects like changing page content when other page is changed.
Public propertyBackground
Gets or sets the background color of the document.
Public propertyCode exampleCenterWindow
Gets or sets flag specifying whether position of the document's window will be centerd on the screen.
Public propertyCollection
Gets collection of document.
Public propertyCryptoAlgorithm
Gets security settings if document is encrypted. If document is not encrypted then corresponding exception will be raised in .net 1.1 or CryptoAlgorithm will be null for other .net versions.
Public propertyDestinations
Gets the collection of destinations. Obsolete. Please use NamedDestinations.
Public propertyDirection
Gets or sets reading order of text: L2R (left to right) or R2L (right to left).
Public propertyDisableFontLicenseVerifications
Public propertyCode exampleDisplayDocTitle
Gets or sets flag specifying whether document's window title bar should display document title.
Public propertyDuplex
Gets or sets print duplex mode handling option to use when printing the file from the print dialog.
Public propertyEmbeddedFiles
Gets collection of files embedded to document.
Public propertyEmbedStandardFonts
Property which declares that document must embed all standard Type1 fonts which has flag IsEmbedded set into true. All PDF fonts can be embedded into document simply via setting of flag IsEmbedded into true, but PDF standard Type1 fonts is an exception from this rule. Standard Type1 font embedding requires much time, so to embed these fonts it's necessary not only set flag IsEmbedded into true for specified font but also set an additiona flag on document's level - EmbedStandardFonts = true; This property can be set only one time for all fonts. By default false.
Public propertyEnableObjectUnload
Get or sets flag which enables document partially be unloaded from memory. This allow to decrease memory usage but may have negative effect on perfomance.
Public propertyEnableSignatureSanitization
Gets or sets flag to manage signature fields sanitization. Enabled by default.
Public propertyFileName
Name of the PDF file that caused this document
Public propertyCode exampleFitWindow
Gets or sets flag specifying whether document window must be resized to fit the first displayed page.
Public propertyFontUtilities
IDocumentFontUtilities instance
Public propertyForm
Gets Acro Form of the document.
Public propertyCode exampleHideMenubar
Gets or sets flag specifying whether menu bar should be hidden when document is active.
Public propertyCode exampleHideToolBar
Gets or sets flag specifying whether toolbar should be hidden when document is active.
Public propertyCode exampleHideWindowUI
Gets or sets flag specifying whether user interface elements should be hidden when document is active.
Public propertyId
Gets the ID.
Public propertyIgnoreCorruptedObjects
Gets or sets flag of ignoring errors in source files. When pages from source document copied into destination document, copying process is stopped with exception if some objects in source files are corrupted when this flag is false. example: dest.Pages.Add(src.Pages); If this flag is set to true then corrupted objects will be replaced with empty values. By default: true.
Public propertyInfo
Gets document info.
Public propertyIsEncrypted
Gets encrypted status of the document. True if document is encrypted.
Public propertyStatic memberIsLicensed
Gets licensed state of the system. Returns true is system works in licensed mode and false otherwise.
Public propertyIsLinearized
Gets or sets a value indicating whether document is linearized.
Public propertyIsPdfaCompliant
Gets the is document pdfa compliant.
Public propertyIsPdfUaCompliant
Gets the is document pdfua compliant.
Public propertyIsXrefGapsAllowed
Gets or sets the is document pdfa compliant.
Public propertyJavaScript
Collection of JavaScript of document level.
Public propertyLogicalStructure
Gets logical structure of the document.
Public propertyMetadata
Document metadata. (A PDF document may include general information, such as the document's title, author, and creation and modification dates. Such global information about the document (as opposed to its content or structure) is called metadata and is intended to assist in cataloguing and searching for documents in external databases.)
Public propertyNamedDestinations
Collection of Named Destination in the document.
Public propertyNonFullScreenPageMode
Gets or sets page mode, specifying how to display the document on exiting full-screen mode.
Public propertyCode exampleOpenAction
Gets or sets action performed at document opening.
Public propertyOptimizeSize
Gets or sets optimization flag. When pages are added to document, equal resource streams in resultant file are merged into one PDF object if this flag set. This allows to decrease resultant file size but may cause slower execution and larger memory requirements. Default value: false.
Public propertyOutlines
Gets document outlines.
Public propertyPageInfo
Gets or sets the page info.(for generator only)
Public propertyPageLabels
Gets page labels in the document.
Public propertyPageLayout
Gets or sets page layout which shall be used when the document is opened.
Public propertyPageMode
Gets or sets page mode, specifying how document should be displayed when opened.
Public propertyCode examplePages
Gets or sets collection of document pages. Note that pages are numbered from 1 in collection.
Public propertyPdfFormat
Gets PDF format
Public propertyPermissions
Gets permissions of the document.
Public propertyCode exampleTaggedContent

Gets access to TaggedPdf content.

Public propertyVersion
Gets a version of Pdf from Pdf file header.
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