XfaParserOptions Class
class to handle related data incapsulation
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Namespace: Aspose.Pdf.XfaConverter
Assembly: Aspose.PDF (in Aspose.PDF.dll) Version: 20.7
public class XfaParserOptions

The XfaParserOptions type exposes the following members.

Public methodXfaParserOptions
Initializes a new instance of the XfaParserOptions class.
Public propertyBasePath
Gets or sets the base path.
Public propertyEmulateRequierdGroups
If this property is true then additional red rectangles will be drawn for required Xfa "excluded groups" This property was introduced because absences of analogues of excluded groups during conversion Xfa representation of forms to standard. It is false by default.
Public propertyPageSize
Gets or sets the size of the page.
Public propertySigned
If this property is true then document will be converted with using of xfa form stream (if it exists). If it is false then xfa form stream will be ignored. This property was inrtoduced because it's not clear how to calculate check sum that used for checking sygnature.
Public propertyUriResolver
Gets or sets the URI resolver.
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