XFA Class
Represents XML form regarding XML Forms Architecture (XFA).
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Aspose.Pdf.Forms
Assembly: Aspose.PDF (in Aspose.PDF.dll) Version: 20.6
public sealed class XFA

The XFA type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConfig
XFA Config component of an XFA form.
Public propertyDatasets
XFA Datasets component of an XFA form.
Public propertyFieldNames
List of field names in the form template.
Public propertyForm
XFA Form Component of an XFA form.
Public propertyItem
Gets of sets data node value according path.
Public propertyNamespaceManager
Gets the namespace for the XFA form. The following namepsaces are defined: "data" for form data and "tpl" for form template.
Public propertyTemplate
XFA Template component of an XFA form.
Public propertyXDP
XML Data Package (all XFA form components within a surrounding XML container).
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Public methodGetFieldTemplate
Returns XML node of XFA field tempalte.
Public methodGetFieldTemplates
Returns list of all field templates on XFA form.
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Public methodSetFieldImage
Sets image for XFA field.
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