FormDataConverter Class
Represents a class to convert data from one format to another format. It can convert the data in fdf/xml/pdf/xfdf to the OLEDB/OdbcDB. It also can convert the data in the OLEDB/OdbcDB to the data in fdf/xml/xfdf. It can convert the fdf to the xml with "hard-named" tag.
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Namespace: Aspose.Pdf.Facades
Assembly: Aspose.PDF (in Aspose.PDF.dll) Version: 20.7
public sealed class FormDataConverter

The FormDataConverter type exposes the following members.

Public methodFormDataConverter
Initializes a new instance of the FormDataConverter class
Public propertyClearTableBeforeExport
ExportFromData will clear table before data export.
Public propertyCreateMissingField
ConvertToDataTable will create required field if it does not exists in Table.
Public propertyCreateMissingTable
ImportIntoDatabase will create table if it does not exists.
Public propertyReplaceExistingTable
ImportIntoDatabase will drop existing table and create new table if this property set to true.
Public propertyTable
Gets or sets the middle data container, one DataTable. It must be defined before converting data from one format to another format. The Columns and TableName of the DataTable should be defined. The TableName is the name of the Table in the database. Every column's ColumnName is the qualified field name of the pdf. Every column's Caption is the column name of table in the database. If the field name is the same as the table column name, the Caption need not specified.
Public methodStatic memberCode exampleConvertFdfToXml
Convert FDF file into XML.
Public methodConverToStreams
This method is obsolete. Please use ConvertToStreams() instead.
Public methodCode exampleConvertToDataTable
Convert files of strems into table.
Public methodCode exampleConvertToStreams
Convert data in table into streams.
Public methodStatic memberConvertXmlToFdf
Convert XML import/export form data file into FDF format.
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Public methodCode exampleExportFromDataBase
Exports data from database into table.
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Public methodCode exampleImportIntoDataBase
Imports data from table into database.
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