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    Package Description
    The com.aspose.pdf is a root package for all classes of Aspose.PDF for Java library which are either directly in it like Document or indirectly through several subpackages.
    The com.aspose.pdf.drawing package provides classes describing graphic primitives like arc, line, circle etc.
    The com.aspose.pdf.operators is a package for Operator implementations.
    • Uses of Operator in com.aspose.pdf

      Methods in com.aspose.pdf that return Operator 
      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      static Operator InternalHelper.create(com.aspose.pdf.engine.commondata.pagecontent.operators.commands.ICommand command) 
      abstract Operator BaseOperatorCollection.get_Item(int index)
      Gets operator by its index.
      Operator LightweightOperatorCollection.get_Item(int index)
      Gets operator by its index.
      Operator OperatorCollection.get_Item(int index)
      Gets operator by its index.
      Operator ImagePlacement.getOperator()
      Operator used for displaying the image.
      abstract Operator BaseOperatorCollection.getUnrestricted(int index)
      For internal usage only
      Operator LightweightOperatorCollection.getUnrestricted(int index)
      For internal usage getUnrestricted operator
      Operator OperatorCollection.getUnrestricted(int index)
      Internal unrestricted version of indexer
      static Operator InternalHelper.Operator_create(com.aspose.pdf.engine.commondata.pagecontent.operators.commands.ICommand command) 
      static Operator InternalHelper.Operator_create(int index, com.aspose.pdf.engine.commondata.pagecontent.operators.commands.ICommand command) 
      static Operator InternalHelper.Operator_TextShowOperator(int index, com.aspose.pdf.engine.commondata.pagecontent.operators.commands.ICommand command) 
      static Operator InternalHelper.Operator_TextShowOperator(int index, com.aspose.pdf.engine.commondata.pagecontent.operators.textshowing.ShowTextString string) 
      Methods in com.aspose.pdf that return types with arguments of type Operator 
      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      static<Operator> InternalHelper.addImageInternal(Page page, stream, Rectangle rectangle, Matrix rotationMatrix, CompositingParameters compositingParameters,[] pdfObject)<Operator> ContentsAppender.getBeginOperators()
      returns begin operators
      List<Operator> Artifact.getContents()
      Gets collection of artifact internal operators.
      List<Operator> Layer.getContents()
      Gets the layer content.<Operator> ContentsAppender.getEndOperators()
      returns end operators
      static List<Operator> Redaction.getRedactionAppearance(Rectangle rect, Color color)
      get Redaction Appearance
      static<Operator> Redaction.getRedactionAppearanceInternal(Rectangle rect, color)
      For Internal Usage only get Redaction Appearance
      List<Operator> OperatorSelector.getSelected()
      The list of selected objects.
      abstract Iterator<Operator> BaseOperatorCollection.iterator()
      Returns enumerator for collection
      Iterator<Operator> LightweightOperatorCollection.iterator()
      Return iterator<Operator> OperatorCollection.iterator()
      Returns enumerator for collection
      static<Operator> InternalHelper.operatorCollection_getCommands(OperatorCollection oc) 
      abstract<Operator> BaseOperatorCollection.toList()
      Returns opetator list.<Operator> LightweightOperatorCollection.toList()
      Returns operators list.<Operator> OperatorCollection.toList()
      Returns operator list.
      Methods in com.aspose.pdf with parameters of type Operator 
      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      abstract void BaseOperatorCollection.add(Operator op)
      Adds new operator into collection.
      void LightweightOperatorCollection.add(Operator op)
      Add operator
      void OperatorCollection.add(Operator op)
      Adds new operator into collection.
      void OperatorCollection.add(Operator[] ops)
      Add operators at the end of the contents operators.
      void ContentsAppender.appendToBegin(Operator op)
      Appends operator to the end of the contents
      void ContentsAppender.appendToBegin(Operator[] operators)
      Appends operators to the end of the contents
      void ContentsAppender.appendToEnd(Operator op)
      Appends operator to the begin of the contents
      void ContentsAppender.appendToEnd(Operator[] operators)
      Appends operators to the begin of the contents
      abstract boolean BaseOperatorCollection.contains(Operator item)
      Check if the item is in collection.
      boolean LightweightOperatorCollection.contains(Operator item) 
      boolean OperatorCollection.contains(Operator op)
      Returns true if the collection contains given operator.
      void OperatorCollection.delete(Operator[] ops)
      Deletes operators from collection.
      static void InternalHelper.fromCommand(Operator op, com.aspose.pdf.engine.commondata.pagecontent.operators.commands.ICommand command) 
      abstract void BaseOperatorCollection.insert(int index, Operator op)
      Inserts operator into collection.
      void LightweightOperatorCollection.insert(int index, Operator op)
      Insert operator
      void OperatorCollection.insert(int index, Operator op)
      Inserts operator into collection.
      void OperatorCollection.insert(int at, Operator[] ops)
      Insert operators at the the given position.
      static boolean Operator.isTextShowOperator(Operator op)
      Determines if the operator is operator which responsible for text output (Tj, TJ, etc)
      static byte[] InternalHelper.Operator_get_bytes(Operator op) 
      static void InternalHelper.Operator_set_bytes(Operator op, byte[] bytes) 
      static void InternalHelper.Operator_setContainer(Operator op, OperatorCollection collection) 
      abstract boolean BaseOperatorCollection.remove(Operator item)
      Removes operator from collection.
      boolean LightweightOperatorCollection.remove(Operator item) 
      boolean OperatorCollection.remove(Operator op)
      Remove operator from the collection.
      void OperatorCollection.replace(Operator[] operators)
      Replace operators in collection with other operators.
      abstract void BaseOperatorCollection.set_Item(int index, Operator value)
      Sets operator by its index.
      void LightweightOperatorCollection.set_Item(int index, Operator value)
      Sets operator by its index.
      void OperatorCollection.set_Item(int index, Operator value)
      Sets operator by its index.
      Method parameters in com.aspose.pdf with type arguments of type Operator 
      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      void OperatorCollection.add(Iterable<Operator> ops)
      Adds to collection all operators from other collection.
      void ContentsAppender.appendToBegin(<Operator> operators)
      Appends operators to the end of the contents
      void ContentsAppender.appendToEnd(<Operator> operators)
      Appends operators to the begin of the contents
      void OperatorCollection.delete(Iterable<Operator> list)
      Deletes operators from collection.
      static void InternalHelper.drawBorder(BorderInfo border, Point leftTop, Point rightBottom,<Operator> operators, int cornerStyle) 
      static void Table.drawRoundedRectangle(GraphInfo info, Point topLeft, Point rightBottom, List<Operator> operators, double radius)
      Add operators for rectangle.
      void OperatorCollection.insert(int at, Iterable<Operator> ops)
      Insert operators at the the given position.
      static LightweightOperatorCollection InternalHelper.newLightweightOperatorCollection(<Operator> operatorCollection) 
      void OperatorCollection.replace(Iterable<Operator> operators)
      Replace operators in collection with other operators.
      Constructors in com.aspose.pdf with parameters of type Operator 
      Constructor and Description
      OperatorSelector(Operator op)
      Initializes new OperatorSelector.
      Constructor parameters in com.aspose.pdf with type arguments of type Operator 
      Constructor and Description
      Artifact(ArtifactCollection owner, com.aspose.pdf.Artifact.ArtifactContext context,<Operator> _contents, _properties)
      This constructor is used when artifact is read from the page.
      LightweightOperatorCollection( trailerable,<Operator> operators)
      For internal usage only!
    • Uses of Operator in com.aspose.pdf.drawing

      Method parameters in com.aspose.pdf.drawing with type arguments of type Operator 
      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      static boolean InternalHelper.process(Graph graph, double[] referenceToCurX, double[] referenceToCurY, boolean isNextParagraphInline,<Operator> operators, Page page) 
      static void InternalHelper.setTransparency(Page page, Color color, Color strokeColor,<Operator> operators) 
    • Uses of Operator in com.aspose.pdf.operators

      Subclasses of Operator in com.aspose.pdf.operators 
      Modifier and Type Class and Description
      class  BasicSetColorAndPatternOperator
      Base operator for all Set Color operators.
      class  BasicSetColorOperator
      Base class for set color operators.
      class  BDC
      class representing BDC operator (Begin marked-content sequence)
      class  BI
      Class representing BI operator (Begin inline image obect).
      class  BlockTextOperator
      Abstract base class for text block operators i.e.
      class  BMC
      Class representing BMC operator (Begin marked-content sequence).
      class  BT
      Class representing BT operator (Begin of text block).
      class  BX
      Class representing BX operator (begin compatibility section).
      class  Clip
      Class representing W operator (set clipping path using non-zero winding rule).
      class  ClosePath
      Class representing h operator (close path).
      class  ClosePathEOFillStroke
      Class representing b* operator (close, fill and stroke path using even-odd rule).
      class  ClosePathFillStroke
      Class representing b operator (close, fill and stroke path with nonzer winding rule).
      class  ClosePathStroke
      Class representing s operator (Close and stroke path).
      class  ConcatenateMatrix
      Class representing cm operator (concatenate matrix to current transformation matrix).
      class  CurveTo
      Class representing c operator (append curve to path).
      class  CurveTo1
      Class representing v operator (append curve to path, initial point replicated).
      class  CurveTo2
      Class representing y operator (append curve to path, final point replicated).
      class  Do
      Class representing Do operator (Invoke XObject).
      class  DP
      Class represeting DP operator (designamte marked content point).
      class  EI
      Class representing EI operator (End inline image object).
      class  EMC
      Clsss representing EMC oeprator (End of marked-content sequence).
      class  EndPath
      Class representing n operator (end path without filling or stroking).
      class  EOClip
      Class representing W* operator (set clipping path using even-odd rule).
      class  EOFill
      Class representing f* operator (fill path using even-odd rule).
      class  EOFillStroke
      Class representing B* operator (fill and stroke path usign even-odd rule).
      class  ET
      Class representing operator ET (End of text block).
      class  EX
      Class representing EX operator (End of compatibility section).
      class  Fill
      Class representing f operator (fill path with nonzero winding number rule).
      class  FillStroke
      Class representing B operator (fill and stroke path using nonzero winding rule)
      class  GRestore
      Class representing Q operator (restore graphics state).
      class  GS
      Class representing gs operator (set parameters from graphic state parameter dictionary).
      class  GSave
      Class representing q operator (save graphics state).
      class  ID
      Class representing ID operator (Begin inline image data).
      class  LineTo
      Class representing l operator (add line to the path).
      class  MoveTextPosition
      Class representing Td operator (move text position).
      class  MoveTextPositionSetLeading
      Class representing TD operator (move position and set leading).
      class  MoveTo
      Class representing operators.m (move to and begin new subpath).
      class  MoveToNextLine
      Class representing T* operator (Move to start of the next line).
      class  MoveToNextLineShowText
      Class representing ' operator (move to next line and show text).
      class  MP
      Class representing MP operator (define marked-content point).
      class  ObsoleteFill
      Class representing F oeprator (fill path using nonzero winding rule).
      class  Re
      Class representing re operator (add rectangle to the path).
      class  SelectFont
      Class representing Tf operator (set text font and size).
      class  SetAdvancedColor
      Class representing scn operator (set color for non-stroking operations).
      class  SetAdvancedColorStroke
      Class representing SCN operator (set color for stroking operations).
      class  SetCharacterSpacing
      Class representing Tc operator (set character spacing).
      class  SetCharWidth
      Class representing d0 operator (set glyph width).
      class  SetCharWidthBoundingBox
      Class representing d1 operator (set glyph and bounding box).
      class  SetCMYKColor
      Class representing k operator (set CMYK color for non-stroknig operations).
      class  SetCMYKColorStroke
      Class representing K operator (set CMYK color for stroking operations).
      class  SetColor
      Represents class for sc operator (set color for non-stroknig operations).
      class  SetColorOperator
      Class representing set color operation.
      class  SetColorRenderingIntent
      Class representing ri operator (set color rendering intent).
      class  SetColorSpace
      Class representing cs operator (set colorspace for non-stroking operations)
      class  SetColorSpaceStroke
      Class representing CS operator (set color for stroking operations).
      class  SetColorStroke
      Class representing SC operator set color for stroking color operators.
      class  SetDash
      Class representing d operator (set line dash pattern).
      class  SetFlat
      Class representing i operator (set flatness toleracne).
      class  SetGlyphsPositionShowText
      Class representing TJ operator (show text with glyph positioning).
      class  SetGray
      Set gray level for non-stroking operations.
      class  SetGrayStroke
      Class representing gray level for stroking operations.
      class  SetHorizontalTextScaling
      Class representing Tz operator (set horizontal text scaling).
      class  SetLineCap
      Class representing J operator (set line cap style).
      class  SetLineJoin
      Class representing j operator (set line join style).
      class  SetLineWidth
      Class representing w operator (set line width).
      class  SetMiterLimit
      Class representing M operator (set miter limit).
      class  SetRGBColor
      Class representing rg operator (set RGB color for non-stroknig operators).
      class  SetRGBColorStroke
      Class representing RG operator (set RGB color for stroking operators).
      class  SetSpacingMoveToNextLineShowText
      Class representing " operator (set word and character spacing, move to the next line and show text).
      class  SetTextLeading
      Class represenging TL operator (set text leading).
      class  SetTextMatrix
      Class representig Tm operator (set text matrix).
      class  SetTextRenderingMode
      Class representing Tr operator (set text rendering mode).
      class  SetTextRise
      Class representing Ts operator (set text rise).
      class  SetWordSpacing
      Class representing Tw operator (set word spacing).
      class  ShFill
      Class representing sh operator (paint area with shadeing pattern).
      class  ShowText
      Class representing Tj operator (show text).
      class  Stroke
      Class representing S operator (stroke path).
      class  TextOperator
      Abstract base class for text-related operators (TJ, Tj, Tm, BT, ET, etc).
      class  TextPlaceOperator
      Abstract base class for operators which changes text position (Tm, Td, etc).
      class  TextShowOperator
      Abvstract base class for all operators which used to out text (Tj, TJ, etc).
      class  TextStateOperator
      Abstract base class for operators which changes current text state (Tc, Tf, TL, etc).