System::Reflection::MemberInfo::TypeInternal Class Reference

Public Member Functions

const Stringget_Name () const
const Stringget_FullName () const

Public Attributes

friend MemberInfo
 Friend declaration. More...

Detailed Description

Declaring type desription. This type should be allocated on stack and passed to functions by value or by reference. Never use System::SmartPtr class to manage objects of this type.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_FullName()

const String& System::Reflection::MemberInfo::TypeInternal::get_FullName ( ) const

Gets type full name.

Type full name.

◆ get_Name()

const String& System::Reflection::MemberInfo::TypeInternal::get_Name ( ) const

Gets type short name.

short name of type.

Member Data Documentation

◆ MemberInfo

friend System::Reflection::MemberInfo::TypeInternal::MemberInfo

Friend declaration.