Aspose.Zip.Saving Namespace
The Aspose.Zip.Saving namespace contains classes which are needed for operations entailing saving the archive.
Public classAesEcryptionSettings
Settings for AES encryption or decryption algorithm.
Public classArchiveEntrySettings
Settings used to compress or decompress entries.
Public classArchiveSaveOptions
Options for saving an archive.
Public classCompressionSettings
Settings needed for compressor or decompressor to work.
Public classDeflateCompressionSettings
Settings for Deflate compression method.
Public classEncryptionSettings
Base class for settings for several encryption methods.
Public classParallelOptions
Options for parallel compression.
Public classSelfExtractorOptions
Options for creation of self-extracted executable archive.
Public classStoreCompressionSettings
Settings for Store compression method.
Public classTraditionalEncryptionSettings
Settings for traditional ZipCrypto algorithm.
Public enumerationEncryptionMethod
Encryption/decryption methods can be used with zip archive.
Public enumerationParallelCompressionMode
Options of usage parallel compression facility.