Aspose.Xps Namespace
Public classBmpSaveOptions
Class for XPS-as-BMP saving options.
Public classBuildVersionInfo
This class provides information about current product build.
Public classImageSaveOptions
Basic class for XPS-as-image saving options.
Public classJpegSaveOptions
Class for XPS-as-JPEG saving options.
Public classCode exampleLicense
Provides methods to license the component.
Public classLoadOptions
Basic class for document loading options.
Public classPdfEncryptionDetails
Contains details for a pdf encryption.
Public classPdfSaveOptions
Class for XPS-as-PDF saving options.
Public classPngSaveOptions
Class for XPS-as-PNG saving options.
Public classSaveOptions
Basic class for document saving options.
Public classTiffSaveOptions
Class for XPS-as-TIFF saving options.
Public classXpsDocument
Class incapsulating the main entity of XPS document that provides manipulation methods for any XPS element.
Public classXpsLoadOptions
XPS document loading options.
Public classXpsSaveOptions
XPS document saving options.
Public enumerationPdfEncryptionAlgorithm
Encryption mode enum. Describe using algorithm and key length. This enum is extended in order to be able to further increase functionality. This enum implements "Base-to-Core" pattern.
Public enumerationPdfImageCompression
Specifies the type of compression applied to images in the PDF file.
Public enumerationPdfTextCompression
Specifies a type of compression applied to all contents in the PDF file except images.