DigitalSignatureIssuerName Property
Returns the subject distinguished name of the certificate isuuer.

Namespace: Aspose.Words
Assembly: Aspose.Words (in Aspose.Words.dll) Version: 20.1
public string IssuerName { get; }

Property Value

Type: String
Shows how to sign documents with X.509 certificates.
// Open an unsigned document
Document unSignedDoc = new Document(MyDir + "Document.docx");

// Verify that it isn't signed
Assert.False(FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat(MyDir + "Document.docx").HasDigitalSignature);
Assert.AreEqual(0, unSignedDoc.DigitalSignatures.Count);

// Create a CertificateHolder object from a PKCS #12 file, which we will use to sign the document
CertificateHolder certificateHolder = CertificateHolder.Create(MyDir + "morzal.pfx", "aw", null);

// There are 2 ways of saving a signed copy of a document to the local file system
// 1: Designate unsigned input and signed output files by filename and sign with the passed CertificateHolder 
DigitalSignatureUtil.Sign(MyDir + "Document.docx", ArtifactsDir + "Document.Signed.1.docx", 
    certificateHolder, new SignOptions() { SignTime = DateTime.Now } );

// 2: Create a stream for the input file and one for the output and create a file, signed with the CertificateHolder, at the file system location determine
using (FileStream inDoc = new FileStream(MyDir + "Document.docx", FileMode.Open))
    using (FileStream outDoc = new FileStream(ArtifactsDir + "Document.Signed.2.docx", FileMode.Create))
        DigitalSignatureUtil.Sign(inDoc, outDoc, certificateHolder);

// Verify that our documents are signed
Document signedDoc = new Document(ArtifactsDir + "Document.Signed.1.docx");
Assert.True(FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat(ArtifactsDir + "Document.Signed.1.docx").HasDigitalSignature);

signedDoc = new Document(ArtifactsDir + "Document.Signed.2.docx");
Assert.True(FileFormatUtil.DetectFileFormat(ArtifactsDir + "Document.Signed.2.docx").HasDigitalSignature);
Assert.AreEqual(1, signedDoc.DigitalSignatures.Count);

// These digital signatures will have some of the properties from the X.509 certificate from the .pfx file we used
Assert.AreEqual("CN=Morzal.Me", signedDoc.DigitalSignatures[0].IssuerName);
Assert.AreEqual("CN=Morzal.Me", signedDoc.DigitalSignatures[0].SubjectName);
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