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Aspose.Words Namespace

The Aspose.Words namespace provides classes for generating, converting, modifying, rendering and printing Microsoft Word documents without utilizing Microsoft Word.

Aspose.Words is written completely in C#, CLS compliant and contains only safe managed code. Microsoft Word is not required in order to use Aspose.Words.

The classes in the Aspose.Words namespace borrow best practices from two well-known frameworks: Microsoft Word Automation and System.Xml. A document in Aspose.Words is represented by a tree of nodes, much like in XML DOM. Where possible, class, method and property names match those found in Microsoft Word Automation.

The main classes in this namespace are:

  • Document is the main class of the object model that represents a Microsoft Word document.
  • DocumentBuilder provides an easy way to insert content and formatting into a document.
  • Node is the base class for all nodes in the document.
  • CompositeNode is the base class for all nodes of the document that can contain other nodes, for example Paragraph, Section and Table.
Public classCode exampleAbsolutePositionTab
An absolute position tab is a character which is used to advance the position on the current line of text when displaying this WordprocessingML content.
Public classCode exampleBody
Represents a container for the main text of a section.
Public classCode exampleBookmark
Represents a single bookmark.
Public classCode exampleBookmarkCollection
A collection of Bookmark objects that represent the bookmarks in the specified range.
Public classCode exampleBookmarkEnd
Represents an end of a bookmark in a Word document.
Public classCode exampleBookmarkStart
Represents a start of a bookmark in a Word document.
Public classCode exampleBorder
Represents a border of an object.
Public classCode exampleBorderCollection
A collection of Border objects.
Public classCode exampleBuildVersionInfo
Provides information about the current product name and version.
Public classCode exampleCertificateHolder
Represents a holder of X509Certificate2 instance.
Public classCode exampleCleanupOptions
Allows to specify options for document cleaning.
Public classCode exampleComHelper
Provides methods for COM clients to load a document into Aspose.Words.
Public classCode exampleComment
Represents a container for text of a comment.
Public classCode exampleCommentCollection
Provides typed access to a collection of Comment nodes.
Public classCode exampleCommentRangeEnd
Denotes the end of a region of text that has a comment associated with it.
Public classCode exampleCommentRangeStart
Denotes the start of a region of text that has a comment associated with it.
Public classCode exampleCompareOptions
Allows to choose advanced options for document comparison operation.
Public classCode exampleCompositeNode
Base class for nodes that can contain other nodes.
Public classCode exampleConditionalStyle
Represents special formatting applied to some area of a table with assigned table style.
Public classCode exampleConditionalStyleCollection
Represents a collection of ConditionalStyle objects.
Public classCode exampleControlChar
Control characters often encountered in documents.
Public classCode exampleConvertUtil
Provides helper functions to convert between various measurement units.
Public classCode exampleDigitalSignature
Represents a digital signature on a document and the result of its verification.
Public classCode exampleDigitalSignatureCollection
Provides a read-only collection of digital signatures attached to a document.
Public classCode exampleDigitalSignatureUtil
Provides methods for signing document.
Public classCode exampleDocument
Represents a Word document.
Public classCode exampleDocumentBase
Provides the abstract base class for a main document and a glossary document of a Word document.
Public classCode exampleDocumentBuilder
Provides methods to insert text, images and other content, specify font, paragraph and section formatting.
Public classCode exampleDocumentVisitor
Base class for custom document visitors.
Public classCode exampleEditableRange
Represents a single editable range.
Public classCode exampleEditableRangeEnd
Represents an end of an editable range in a Word document.
Public classCode exampleEditableRangeStart
Represents a start of an editable range in a Word document.
Public classCode exampleEndnoteOptions
Represents the endnote numbering options for a document or section.
Public classCode exampleFileCorruptedException
Thrown during document load, when the document appears to be corrupted and impossible to load.
Public classCode exampleFileFormatInfo
Contains data returned by FileFormatUtil document format detection methods.
Public classCode exampleFileFormatUtil
Provides utility methods for working with file formats, such as detecting file format or converting file extensions to/from file format enums.
Public classCode exampleFont
Contains font attributes (font name, font size, color, and so on) for an object.
Public classCode exampleFootnote
Represents a container for text of a footnote or endnote.
Public classCode exampleFootnoteOptions
Represents the footnote numbering options for a document or section.
Public classCode exampleFrameFormat
Represents frame related formatting for a paragraph.
Public classCode exampleHeaderFooter
Represents a container for the header or footer text of a section.
Public classCode exampleHeaderFooterCollection
Provides typed access to HeaderFooter nodes of a Section.
Public classHtmlLoadOptions
Allows to specify additional options when loading HTML document into a Document object.
Public classHyphenation
Provides methods for working with hyphenation dictionaries. These dictionaries prescribe where words of a specific language can be hyphenated.
Public classCode exampleImportFormatOptions
Allows to specify various import options to format output.
Public classIncorrectPasswordException
Thrown if a document is encrypted with a password and the password specified when opening the document is incorrect or missing.
Public classCode exampleInline
Base class for inline-level nodes that can have character formatting associated with them, but cannot have child nodes of their own.
Public classCode exampleInlineStory
Base class for inline-level nodes that can contain paragraphs and tables.
Public classInternableComplexAttr
Base class for internable complex attribute. Internable complex attribute should notify parent collection when going to be changed.
Public classInterruptionToken
This class provides members to manually interrupt Aspose.Words during long running tasks.
Public classCode exampleLanguagePreferences
Allows to set up language preferences.
Public classCode exampleLicense
Provides methods to license the component.
Public classCode exampleListFormat
Allows to control what list formatting is applied to a paragraph.
Public classCode exampleLoadOptions
Allows to specify additional options (such as password or base URI) when loading a document into a Document object.
Public classCode exampleMetered
Provides methods to set metered key.
Public classCode exampleNode
Base class for all nodes of a Word document.
Public classCode exampleNodeChangingArgs
Provides data for methods of the INodeChangingCallback interface.
Public classCode exampleNodeCollection
Represents a collection of nodes of a specific type.
Public classCode exampleNodeImporter
Allows to efficiently perform repeated import of nodes from one document to another.
Public classCode exampleNodeList
Represents a collection of nodes matching an XPath query executed using the SelectNodes(String) method.
Public classCode examplePageSetup
Represents the page setup properties of a section.
Public classCode exampleParagraph
Represents a paragraph of text.
Public classCode exampleParagraphCollection
Provides typed access to a collection of Paragraph nodes.
Public classCode exampleParagraphFormat
Represents all the formatting for a paragraph.
Public classCode examplePlainTextDocument
Allows to extract plain-text representation of the document's content.
Public classCode exampleRange
Represents a contiguous area in a document.
Public classCode exampleRevision
Represents a revision (tracked change) in a document node or style. Use RevisionType to check the type of this revision.
Public classCode exampleRevisionCollection
A collection of Revision objects that represent revisions in the document.
Public classCode exampleRevisionGroup
Represents a group of sequential Revision objects.
Public classCode exampleRevisionGroupCollection
A collection of RevisionGroup objects that represent revision groups in the document.
Public classCode exampleRtfLoadOptions
Allows to specify additional options when loading Rtf document into a Document object.
Public classCode exampleRun
Represents a run of characters with the same font formatting.
Public classCode exampleRunCollection
Provides typed access to a collection of Run nodes.
Public classCode exampleSection
Represents a single section in a document.
Public classCode exampleSectionCollection
A collection of Section objects in the document.
Public classCode exampleShading
Contains shading attributes for an object.
Public classSignatureLineOptions
Allows to specify options for signature line being inserted. Used in DocumentBuilder.
Public classSignOptions
Allows to specify options for document signing.
Public classCode exampleSpecialChar
Base class for special characters in the document.
Public classStory
Base class for elements that contain block-level nodes Paragraph and Table.
Public classCode exampleStyle
Represents a single built-in or user-defined style.
Public classCode exampleStyleCollection
A collection of Style objects that represent both the built-in and user-defined styles in a document.
Public classSubDocument
Represents a SubDocument - which is a reference to an externally stored document.
Public classCode exampleTableStyle
Represents a table style.
Public classCode exampleTabStop
Represents a single custom tab stop. The TabStop object is a member of the TabStopCollection collection.
Public classTabStopCollection
A collection of TabStop objects that represent custom tabs for a paragraph or a style.
Public classCode exampleTextColumn
Represents a single text column. TextColumn is a member of the TextColumnCollection collection. The TextColumns collection includes all the columns in a section of a document.
Public classCode exampleTextColumnCollection
A collection of TextColumn objects that represent all the columns of text in a section of a document.
Public classTxtLoadOptions
Allows to specify additional options when loading Text document into a Document object.
Public classUnsupportedFileFormatException
Thrown during document load, when the document format is not recognized or not supported by Aspose.Words.
Public classCode exampleVariableCollection
A collection of document variables.
Public classCode exampleVbaModule
Provides access to VBA project module.
Public classCode exampleVbaModuleCollection
Represents a collection of VbaModule objects.
Public classCode exampleVbaProject
Provides access to VBA project information. A VBA project inside the document is defined as a collection of VBA modules.
Public classCode exampleWarningInfo
Contains information about a warning that Aspose.Words issued during document loading or saving.
Public classCode exampleWarningInfoCollection
Represents a typed collection of WarningInfo objects.
Public interfaceIHyphenationCallback
Implemented by classes which can register hyphenation dictionaries. Use this mehod
Public interfaceCode exampleINodeChangingCallback
Implement this interface if you want to receive notifications when nodes are inserted or removed in the document.
Public interfaceCode exampleIWarningCallback
Implement this interface if you want to have your own custom method called to capture loss of fidelity warnings that can occur during document loading or saving.
Public enumerationCode exampleBorderType
Specifies sides of a border.
Public enumerationCode exampleBreakType
Specifies type of a break inside a document.
Public enumerationCode exampleCalendarType
Specifies the type of a calendar.
Public enumerationCode exampleComparisonTargetType
Allows to specify base document which will be used during comparison. Default value is Current.
Public enumerationCode exampleConditionalStyleType
Represents possible table areas to which conditional formatting may be defined in a table style.
Public enumerationCode exampleContentDisposition
Enumerates different ways of presenting the document at the client browser.
Public enumerationCode exampleDigitalSignatureType
Specifies the type of a digital signature.
Public enumerationDocumentDirection
Allows to specify the direction to flow the text in a document.
Public enumerationCode exampleDropCapPosition
Specifies the position for a drop cap text.
Public enumerationCode exampleEditingLanguage
Specifies the editing language.
Public enumerationCode exampleEditorType
Specifies the set of possible aliases (or editing groups) which can be used as aliases to determine if the current user shall be allowed to edit a single range defined by an editable range within a document.
Public enumerationCode exampleEndnotePosition
Defines the endnote position.
Public enumerationCode exampleFindReplaceDirection
Specifies direction for replace operations.
Public enumerationCode exampleFootnoteNumberingRule
Determines when automatic footnote or endnote numbering restarts.
Public enumerationCode exampleFootnotePosition
Defines the footnote position.
Public enumerationCode exampleFootnoteType
Specifies whether this is a footnote or an endnote.
Public enumerationCode exampleHeaderFooterType
Identifies the type of header or footer found in a Word file.
Public enumerationCode exampleHeightRule
Specifies the rule for determining the height of an object.
Public enumerationHtmlControlType
Type of document nodes that represent <input> and <select> elements imported from HTML.
Public enumerationCode exampleImportFormatMode
Specifies how formatting is merged when importing content from another document.
Public enumerationCode exampleLineNumberRestartMode
Determines when automatic line numbering restarts.
Public enumerationLineSpacingRule
Specifies line spacing values for a paragraph.
Public enumerationCode exampleLineStyle
Specifies line style of a Border.
Public enumerationCode exampleLoadFormat
Indicates the format of the document that is to be loaded.
Public enumerationNodeChangingAction
Specifies the type of node change.
Public enumerationCode exampleNodeType
Specifies the type of a Word document node.
Public enumerationCode exampleNumberStyle
Specifies the number style for a list, footnotes and endnotes, page numbers.
Public enumerationCode exampleOrientation
Specifies page orientation.
Public enumerationOutlineLevel
Specifies the outline level of a paragraph in the document.
Public enumerationCode examplePageBorderAppliesTo
Specifies which pages the page border is printed on.
Public enumerationCode examplePageBorderDistanceFrom
Specifies the positioning of the page border relative to the page margin.
Public enumerationCode examplePageVerticalAlignment
Specifies vertical justification of text on each page.
Public enumerationCode examplePaperSize
Specifies paper size.
Public enumerationCode exampleParagraphAlignment
Specifies text alignment in a paragraph.
Public enumerationCode exampleProtectionType
Protection type for a document.
Public enumerationRevisionsView
Allows to specify whether to work with the original or revised version of a document.
Public enumerationCode exampleRevisionType
Specifies the type of change being tracked in Revision.
Public enumerationCode exampleSaveFormat
Indicates the format in which the document is saved.
Public enumerationCode exampleSectionLayoutMode
Specifies the layout mode for a section allowing to define the document grid behavior.
Public enumerationCode exampleSectionStart
The type of break at the beginning of the section.
Public enumerationStoryType
Text of a Word document is stored in stories. StoryType identifies a story.
Public enumerationCode exampleStyleIdentifier
Locale independent style identifier.
Public enumerationCode exampleStyleType
Represents type of the style.
Public enumerationTabAlignment
Specifies the alignment/type of a tab stop.
Public enumerationTabLeader
Specifies the type of the leader line displayed under the tab character.
Public enumerationTextDmlEffect
Dml text effect for text runs.
Public enumerationTextEffect
Animation effect for text runs.
Public enumerationCode exampleTextOrientation
Specifies orientation of text on a page, in a table cell or a text frame.
Public enumerationCode exampleTextureIndex
Specifies shading texture.
Public enumerationCode exampleTxtLeadingSpacesOptions
Specifies available options for leading space handling during import from Text file.
Public enumerationCode exampleTxtTrailingSpacesOptions
Specifies available options for trailing spaces handling during import from Text file.
Public enumerationCode exampleUnderline
Indicates type of the underline applied to a font.
Public enumerationCode exampleVisitorAction
Allows the visitor to control the enumeration of nodes.
Public enumerationWarningSource
Specifies the module that produces a warning during document loading or saving.
Public enumerationCode exampleWarningType
Specifies the type of a warning that is issued by Aspose.Words during document loading or saving.