Aspose.Words.Settings Namespace

The Aspose.Words.Settings namespace contains classes and enums that are used when specifying various settings and options stored in a document. These are mail merge, write protection, compatibility and other settings.

Public classCompatibilityOptions
Contains compatibility options (that is, the user preferences entered on the Compatibility tab of the Options dialog in Microsoft Word).
Public classCode exampleHyphenationOptions
Allows to configure document hyphenation options.
Public classMailMergeSettings
Specifies all of the mail merge information for a document.
Public classOdso
Specifies the Office Data Source Object (ODSO) settings for a mail merge data source.
Public classOdsoFieldMapData
Specifies how a column in the external data source shall be mapped to the predefined merge fields within the document.
Public classOdsoFieldMapDataCollection
A typed collection of the OdsoFieldMapData objects.
Public classOdsoRecipientData
Represents information about a single record within an external data source that is to be excluded from the mail merge.
Public classOdsoRecipientDataCollection
A typed collection of OdsoRecipientData
Public classCode exampleViewOptions
Provides various options that control how a document is shown in Microsoft Word.
Public classCode exampleWriteProtection
Specifies write protection settings for a document.
Public enumerationCompatibility
Specifies names of compatibility options.
Public enumerationMailMergeCheckErrors
Specifies how Microsoft Word will report errors detected during mail merge.
Public enumerationCode exampleMailMergeDataType
Specifies the type of an external mail merge data source.
Public enumerationMailMergeDestination
Specifies the possible results which may be generated when a mail merge is carried out on a document.
Public enumerationCode exampleMailMergeMainDocumentType
Specifies the possible types for a mail merge source document.
Public enumerationCode exampleMsWordVersion
Allows Aspose.Wods to mimic MS Word version-specific application behavior.
Public enumerationMultiplePagesType
Specifies how document is printed out.
Public enumerationOdsoDataSourceType
Specifies the type of the external data source to be connected to as part of the ODSO connection information.
Public enumerationOdsoFieldMappingType
Specifies the possible types used to indicate if a given mail merge field has been mapped to a column in the given external data source.
Public enumerationCode exampleViewType
Possible values for the view mode in Microsoft Word.
Public enumerationZoomType
Possible values for how large or small the document appears on the screen in Microsoft Word.