Aspose.Words.Rendering Namespace

The Aspose.Words.Rendering namespace provides classes that allow to customize printing or rendering of documents.

To actually render, print or convert a document use the corresponding methods on the Document object.

Public classCode exampleAsposeWordsPrintDocument
Provides a default implementation for printing of a Document within the .NET printing framework.
Public classNodeRendererBase
Base class for ShapeRenderer and OfficeMathRenderer.
Public classOfficeMathRenderer
Provides methods to render an individual OfficeMath to a raster or vector image or to a Graphics object.
Public classCode examplePageInfo
Represents information about a particular document page.
Public classPrinterSettingsContainer
Represent a storage for some parameters of PrinterSettings object.
Access to data of PrinterSettings takes long time. PrinterSettingsContainer caches parameters from PrinterSettings, so printing works faster.
Public classCode exampleShapeRenderer
Provides methods to render an individual Shape or GroupShape to a raster or vector image or to a Graphics object.
Public classThumbnailGeneratingOptions
Can be used to specify additional options when generating thumbnail for a document.
User can call method UpdateThumbnail(ThumbnailGeneratingOptions) to generate Thumbnail for a document.