FieldAuthor Class
Implements the AUTHOR field.
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Namespace: Aspose.Words.Fields
Assembly: Aspose.Words (in Aspose.Words.dll) Version: 19.11
public class FieldAuthor : Field

The FieldAuthor type exposes the following members.

Public methodFieldAuthor
Initializes a new instance of the FieldAuthor class
Public propertyCode exampleAuthorName
Gets or sets the document author's name.
Public propertyCode exampleDisplayResult
Gets the text that represents the displayed field result.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleEnd
Gets the node that represents the field end.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleFormat
Gets a FieldFormat object that provides typed access to field's formatting.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleIsDirty
Gets or sets whether the current result of the field is no longer correct (stale) due to other modifications made to the document.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleIsLocked
Gets or sets whether the field is locked (should not recalculate its result).
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleLocaleId
Gets or sets the LCID of the field.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleResult
Gets or sets text that is between the field separator and field end.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleSeparator
Gets the node that represents the field separator. Can be null.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleStart
Gets the node that represents the start of the field.
(Inherited from Field.)
Public propertyCode exampleType
Gets the Microsoft Word field type.
(Inherited from Field.)
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Public methodCode exampleGetFieldCode
Returns text between field start and field separator (or field end if there is no separator). Both field code and field result of child fields are included.
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Public methodCode exampleGetFieldCode(Boolean)
Returns text between field start and field separator (or field end if there is no separator).
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Public methodCode exampleRemove
Removes the field from the document. Returns a node right after the field. If the field's end is the last child of its parent node, returns its parent paragraph. If the field is already removed, returns null.
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Public methodCode exampleUnlink
Performs the field unlink.
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Public methodCode exampleUpdate
Performs the field update. Throws if the field is being updated already.
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Public methodCode exampleUpdate(Boolean)
Performs a field update. Throws if the field is being updated already.
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Retrieves, and optionally sets, the document author's name, as recorded in the Author property of the built-in document properties.
Shows how to display a document creator's name with an AUTHOR field.
Document doc = new Document();
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// If we open an existing document, the document's author's full name will be displayed by the field
// If we create a document programmatically, we need to set this attribute to the author's name so our field has something to display
doc.FieldOptions.DefaultDocumentAuthor = "Joe Bloggs";

builder.Write("This document was created by ");
FieldAuthor field = (FieldAuthor)builder.InsertField(FieldType.FieldAuthor, true);

Assert.AreEqual(" AUTHOR ", field.GetFieldCode());
Assert.AreEqual("Joe Bloggs", field.Result);

// If this property has a value, it will supersede the one we set above 
doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Author = "John Doe";      

Assert.AreEqual(" AUTHOR ", field.GetFieldCode());
Assert.AreEqual("John Doe", field.Result);

// Our field can also override the document's built in author name like this
field.AuthorName = "Jane Doe";

Assert.AreEqual(" AUTHOR  \"Jane Doe\"", field.GetFieldCode());
Assert.AreEqual("Jane Doe", field.Result);

// The author name in the built in properties was changed by the field, but the default document author stays the same
Assert.AreEqual("Jane Doe", doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Author);
Assert.AreEqual("Joe Bloggs", doc.FieldOptions.DefaultDocumentAuthor);

doc.Save(ArtifactsDir + "Field.AUTHOR.docx");
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