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Aspose.Tasks Namespace
Contains classes for work with Microsoft Project documents without utilizing Microsoft Project.
Public classApsLayoutBuilderOutOfMemoryException
Represents exception which occurs when there is not enough memory to continue an image layout building.
Public classAsn
Represents properties of ResourceAssignment object.
Public classAssignmentBaseline
Represents Baseline of a resource assignment.
Public classAssignmentBaselineCollection
Represents a collection of AssignmentBaseline objects.
Public classAvailabilityPeriod
Represents a period when a resource is available.
Public classAvailabilityPeriodCollection
Represents a collection which contains AvailabilityPeriod objects.
Public classBaseline
Represents baseline values of a resource.
Public classBaselineCollection
Represents a collection of Baseline objects.
Public classBitmapInvalidSizeException
Represents exception which occurs when there is not enough memory to create a bitmap instance.
Public classBuildVersionInfo
Contains build version and product information.
Public classCode exampleCalendar
Represents a calendar used in a project.
Public classCalendarCollection
Represents a collection of Calendar objects.
Public classCalendarException
Represent exceptional time periods in a calendar.
Public classCalendarExceptionCollection
Represents a collection of CalendarException objects.
Public classCompoundDocumentHeaderException
Represents an exception which is thrown when the header of MPP file is broken.
Public classDayTypeCollection
Represents a collection of DayType objects.
Public classExtendedAttribute
Represents extended attributes.
Public classExtendedAttributeCollection
Represents a collection of ExtendedAttribute objects.
Public classExtendedAttributeDefinition
Represents an extended attribute definition associated with a project.
Public classExtendedAttributeDefinitionCollection
Represents a collection of ExtendedAttributeDefinition objects.
Public classFilter
Represents a filter in Project.
Public classFilterCollection
Contains a list of Filter objects. Implements ICollection<Filter> interface.
Public classFilterCriteria
Defines the criteria that tasks or resources must meet to be displayed in MSP view.
Public classGanttChartView
Represents a GanttChart view.
Public classGroup
Represents a group definition. A Group object is a member of the ResourceGroups collection or the TaskGroups collection.
Public classGroupCollection
Contains a list of Group objects. Implements ICollection<Group> interface.
Public classGroupCriterion
Represents a criterion in a group definition. The GroupCriterion object is a member of the GroupCriterionCollection collection.
Public classGroupCriterionCollection
Contains a collection of GroupCriterion objects. Implements ICollection<GroupCriterion> interface.
Public classInvalidAssignmentException Obsolete.
Represents exception which occurs when an operation is invoked with invalid assignment.
Public classInvalidPasswordException
Represents the exception type which is thrown when password protected file opening with wrong password.
Public classInvalidTaskException Obsolete.
Represents exception which occurs when an operation is invoked with invalid task.
Public classCode exampleLicense
Provides methods to license the component.
Public classLoadOptions
Allows to specify additional load parameters when loading a project from file or stream.
Public classCode exampleMetered
Provides methods to set metered key.
Public classNoPrinterInstalledException
Represents an exception which is thrown when there is no installed printer in OS.
Public classOleObject
Represents an object which is inserted into the mpp file.
Public classOleObjectCollection
Represents a collection containing the instances of the OleObject class.
Public classOutlineCode
Represents a value of an outline code.
Public classOutlineCodeCollection
Represents a collection of OutlineCode objects.
Public classOutlineCodeDefinition
Represents an outline code definition.
Public classOutlineCodeDefinitionCollection
Represents a collection of OutlineCodeDefinition objects.
Public classOutlineMask
Represents four elements of a mask which defines an outline code format.
Public classOutlineMaskCollection
Represents a collection of OutlineMask objects.
Public classOutlineValue
Represents an outline value.
Public classOutlineValueCollection
Represents a collection of OutlineValue objects.
Public classParseErrorArgs
Provides data for the ParseErrorCallback delegate.
Public classPrimaveraXmlReader
Represents a reader to read Project UIDs from Primavera Xml file
Public classPrimaveraXmlReadingOptions
Allows to specify additional options when reading Primavera Xml files.
Public classPrj
Represents supported properties of Project object.
Public classProject
Represents a project.
Public classProjectDisplayOptions
Represents the display options for a project instance.
Public classProjectFileInfo
The class instance contains information about project file format and version of Microsoft Project where the file was created.
Public classRate
Represents a definition of a time period and rates applicable for a resource during that period.
Public classRateCollection
Represents a collection which contains Rate objects.
Public classReadOnlyCollectionBaseT
Represents a read-only collection of objects.
Public classRecalculationValidationException
Represents an exception which is thrown when errors are found in project after recalculation.
Public classRecurringTaskInfo
Represents the details of a recurring task in a project.
Public classResource
Represents a resource in a project.
Public classResourceAssignment
Represents a resource assignment in a project.
Public classResourceAssignmentCollection
Represents a collection of ResourceAssignment objects.
Public classResourceCollection
Represents a collection of Resource objects.
Public classResourceUsageView
Represents resource usage view in a project.
Public classResourceUsageViewFieldCollection
Represent a collection of ResourceUsageViewField values.
Public classRsc
Represents supported properties of Resource object.
Public classSplitPart
Represents a task portion. The SplitPart is a member of the task's SplitParts collection.
Public classSplitPartCollection
Collection that represents the portions of a task.
Public classTable
Represents a table in Project
Public classTableCollection
Contains a list of Table objects. Implements ICollection<Table> interface.
Public classTableField
Represents a field of a table in Project.
Public classTableFieldCollection
Contains a list of TableField objects. Implements IList<TableField> interface.
Public classTask
Represents a task in a project.
Public classTaskBaseline
Represents Baseline of a Task.
Public classTaskBaselineCollection
Represents a collection of TaskBaseline objects.
Public classTaskCollection
Represents a collection of Task objects.
Public classTaskLink
Represents a predecessor link.
Public classTaskLinkCollection
Represents a collection of Task objects.
Public classTasksException
Represents the standard internal exception type.
Public classTasksLoggedException
Represents the standard internal exception type.
Public classTasksReadingException
Represents the standard internal reading exception type.
Public classTasksWritingException
Represents the standard internal writing exception type.
Public classTaskUsageView
Represents task usage view in a project.
Public classTaskUsageViewFieldCollection
Represents a collection of TaskUsageViewField values.
Public classTaskValidationException
Represents an exception which is thrown when errors are found in project's tasks after recalculation.
Public classTimelineView
Represents a timeline view of a project.
Public classTimephasedData
Represents a time phased data.
Public classTimephasedDataCollection
Represents a collection of TimephasedData objects.
Public classTsk
Represents properties of Task object.
Public classUsageView
Represent a usage view in a project.
Public classValue
Represents a value in a value list.
Public classVbaModule
Represents a module
Public classVbaModuleAttribute
The attribute of the VbaModule object
Public classVbaModuleAttributeCollection
Represents a collection of VbaModuleAttribute objects.
Public classVbaModuleCollection
Represents a collection of VbaModule objects.
Public classVbaProject
Represents VbaProject
Public classVbaReference
Represents a reference of the VbaProject
Public classVbaReferenceCollection
Represents a collection of VbaReference objects.
Public classView
Represents a view in Project.
Public classViewCollection
Contains a list of View objects. Implements ICollection<View> interface.
Public classWBSCodeDefinition
Represents a WBS Code Definition.
Public classWBSCodeMask
Represents WBS Code mask.
Public classWBSCodeMaskCollection
Represents a collection of WBSCodeMask objects.
Public classWeekDay
Represents a weekday which either defines regular days of a week or exception days in a calendar.
Public classWeekDayCollection
Represents a collection of WeekDay objects.
Public classWorkDay
Represents a work day.
Public classWorkingTime
Represents a working time during a weekday.
Public classWorkingTimeCollection
Represents a collection of WorkingTimeCollection objects.
Public classWorkUnit
Represents working hours.
Public classWorkWeek
Represent WorkWeek class
Public classWorkWeekCollection
Represents a collection of WorkWeek objects.
Public structureDuration
Represents duration in a project.
Public structureKeyT, K
Represents a property key of a class of the specified type. An instance of this class is used when getting or setting property of a container.
Public structureNullableBool
A class for bool values with possibility to check whether the value was defined or not.
Public interfaceIVbaModule
Represents a Interface of the module
Public delegateParseErrorCallback
Represents a method callback to handle parse errors that can happen when reading xml data.
Public delegateProjectXMLCreationFinished
Project XML data creation finished delegate for XML data postprocessing.
Public delegateProjectXMLParsingStarted
Project's XML parsing start delegate for XML data preprocessing.
Public delegateTaskXMLCreationFinished
Task's XML element creation finished delegate for XML data postprocessing.
Public delegateTaskXMLParsingFinished
Task's XML parsing finish delegate for task's XML custom data processing.
Public enumerationApplicationInfo
Specifies the project version where the file was created.
Public enumerationAsnKey
Represents a list of supported assignment fields.
Public enumerationBackgroundPattern
Specifies the background pattern.
Public enumerationBaselineType
Specifies the baseline type used to calculate Variance values.
Public enumerationBookingType
Specifies the booking type of a resource.
Public enumerationCalculationMode
Specifies project calculation mode.
Public enumerationCalculationType
Specifies the type of a custom attribute for the ExtendedAttributeDefinition class.
Public enumerationCalendarExceptionType
Specifies the calendar exception type.
Public enumerationConstraintType
Specifies the constraint on the start or finish date of a task.
Public enumerationCostAccrualType
Specifies the type of an accrual cost.
Public enumerationCurrencySymbolPositionType
Specifies the position of a currency symbol.
Public enumerationCustomFieldType
Specifies the type of a custom field.
Public enumerationDateFormat
Specifies the date format.
Public enumerationDayLabelDisplay
Specifies how the day label displays.
Public enumerationDayType
Specifies the day of a week.
Public enumerationEarnedValueMethodType
Specifies the method used for calculating earned value.
Public enumerationElementType
Specifies the type of an element.
Public enumerationExtendedAttributeResource
Specifies the extended attributes FieldId used in a resource.
Public enumerationExtendedAttributeTask
Specifies the extended attributes FieldId used in a task.
Public enumerationField
Specifies a field in the Microsoft Office Project.
Public enumerationFileFormat
Specifies the project's file format.
Public enumerationFilterComparisonType
The type of comparison made between FieldName and Value that acts as selection criteria for the filter.
Public enumerationFilterOperation
Specifies how the criterion established with FieldName, FilterComparisonType, and Value relates to other criteria in the filter.
Public enumerationGanttBarSize
Specifies the height of a bar in points.
Public enumerationGroupOn
Specifies the type of grouping.
Public enumerationHourLabelDisplay
Specifies how the hour label displays.
Public enumerationItemType
Specifies the type of an item.
Public enumerationMaskType
Specifies the type of a mask.
Public enumerationMinuteLabelDisplay
Specifies how the minute label displays.
Public enumerationMonth
Specifies the month.
Public enumerationMonthItemType
Specifies the month item for which an exception recurrence is scheduled.
Public enumerationMonthLabelDisplay
Specifies how the month label displays.
Public enumerationMonthPosition
Specifies the position of a month item within a month.
Public enumerationOrdinalNumber
Represents an ordinal number in the instance of RecurringTaskInfo class.
Public enumerationOutlineValueType
Specifies the type of an outline value.
Public enumerationPrjKey
Represents a list of supported project fields.
Public enumerationRateFormatType
Specifies the units used by Microsoft Project to display a rate.
Public enumerationRateScaleType
Specifies the rate scale type.
Public enumerationRateType
Specifies the unique identifiers of a rate table.
Public enumerationRecurrencePattern
Represents a type of recurrence pattern of a recurrent task.
Public enumerationResourceType
Specifies the type of a resource.
Public enumerationResourceUsageViewField
Represents possible fields in ResourceUsageView object resource usage view field.
Public enumerationRollupType
Specifies the rollup type.
Public enumerationRscKey
Represents a list of supported resource fields.
Public enumerationTaskKey
Represents a list of supported task fields.
Public enumerationTaskLinkType
Specifies the type of tasks dependency.
Public enumerationTasksDataFormat
Specifies the project data formats.
Public enumerationTaskStartDateType
Specifies the type of a task's start date.
Public enumerationTaskType
Specifies the type of a task.
Public enumerationTaskUsageViewField
Represents possible fields in TaskUsageView object.
Public enumerationTimephasedDataType
Specifies the type of time phased data.
Public enumerationTimeUnitType
Specifies the type of a time unit.
Public enumerationViewScreen
Specifies the screen type for a view.
Public enumerationWBSSequence
Specifies sequence for WBSCodeMask
Public enumerationWeekdayType
Represents a weekday of a project in the instance of RecurringTaskInfo class.
Public enumerationWeekLabelDisplay
Specifies how the week label displays.
Public enumerationWorkContourType
Specifies the contour of a work.
Public enumerationWorkGroupType
Specifies the type of a workgroup.
Public enumerationYearLabelDisplay
Specifies how the year label displays.