Aspose.PDF for .NET - Namespaces
The Aspose.Pdf is a root namespace for all classes of Aspose.Pdf library which are either directly in it like Document or indirectly through several subnamespaces.
The Aspose.Pdf.InteractiveFeatures namespace provides classes for working with various types of actions, destinations and other features of document which traditionally called as interactive providing means user can intercommunicate with it.
The Aspose.Pdf.Devices namespace provides classes which are used for representing document as image(s) or a plain text. So document can be sent on to textual or various graphic devices which means we want to get it textual or graphic representation.
The Aspose.Pdf.Drawing namespace provides classes describing graphic primitives like arc, line, circle etc. Corresponding objects can be used for creating new documents.
The Aspose.Pdf.Facades namespace provides classes originaly came from Aspose.Pdf.Kit. These classes are used for manipulating documents perfoming operations like concatenating, stamping, signing, annotating etc. but on the high level without access to a document's inner structure.
The Aspose.Pdf.Forms namespace has classes which describes forms (standard, static, dynamic) and various types of fields like text box, list box, radio button etc.
The Aspose.Pdf.Operators is a namespace for Operator implementations. These classes describes operators used in PDF page contents.
The Aspose.PdfAOptionClasses is a namespace for PDF/A convertsion optins.
The Aspose.Pdf.Structure namespace provides classes which help to work with a logical structure of a document which presents the organization of the document into chapters and sections or the identification of special elements such as figures, tables, and footnotes.
The Aspose.Pdf.TaggedPdf is a namespace for all classes for Tagged PDF feature.
The Aspose.Pdf.Text namespace provides classes that allow to extract text, add text, manipulate existing text of a document. It also contain classes that allow to extract, replace, substitute fonts of a document.
The Aspose.Pdf.XfaConverter namespace provides classes that allow to convert XFA.